Versatile Gym band of polyester / polyamide fibers and a pure latex patterned Webstoffüberzug. The elastic bands are double stitched and have 8 handle loops. By reaching optimal length almost all muscle groups can be trained specifically.
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It is supplied in a blister pack with training posters, are displayed on the 35 exercises for regular training and explained. For the training of individual muscle groups of varying difficulty. Widths and lengths of the individual bands, please refer to the table below: Item Color Tensile Length Width 7146 orange 7 kg 80 cm 2.5 cm 7049 yellow 10 kg 80 cm 4 cm 7051 black-red 15 kg 80 cm 4 cm 7052 blue 20 kg 80 cm 8 cm 7147 black-red 10, 12, 15 kg 95 cm 4 cm
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