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Pro Gym Fitness Tube Expander

Pro Gym Fitness Tube Expander

The all-purpose classic
The expander makes it possible to train every body region and muscle group quickly and effectively in the smallest of spaces in the shortest possible time. Depending on the color of the PRO GYM Tube Expander, the pulling power varies from light to extra strong. This makes the device an irreplaceable companion for daily training from beginners to professional athletes.


  • Diameter 6.5mm
  • Length about 120 cm
  • Weight about 100g
  • Washable surface
  • Variety of possible applications
  • Colors: Green / Blue / Red / Yellow
  • Available in 4 different colors/lengths
  • High-quality, robust workmanship
Areas of application:
Suitable for fitness & therapy/rehab, schools and clubs
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  • The classic among fitness equipment, fitness tubes and expanders!
  • The ideal training device for, at home or on the go.
  • You can train the most important muscle groups anytime and anywhere train.
  • The fitness tubes are approx. 120 cm long.
  • Handles are washable
  • Level 1 - easy max. traction 4.5 kg (yellow)
  • Level 2 - medium max. pulling force 9 kg (green) -
  • Level 3 - heavy max. pulling force 13.5 kg (red) li>
  • Level 4 - extra heavy max. pulling force 22.5 kg (blue)

The classic among tubes and expanders. The ideal training device for all large muscle groups. Improves your fitness, performance and well-being. Supplied in a poly bag

What is a PRO GYM Fitness Tube

The PRO GYM Fitness Tube, also known as an expander, is the ideal training device for all requirements. It combines the high PRO GYM quality with the use of the most modern materials and the best workmanship. Different material composition and construction bring with them a different degree of intensity levels. They are made of particularly durable, permanently elastic plastic that does not lose its elasticity even after prolonged use. It is a particularly robust and at the same time visually appealing and practical device.

What are expanders / PRO GYM Fitness Tube?

Expanders are mobile, handy sports equipment that are designed for self-training - mostly as home training. Muscle group exercises can be carried out by stretching a drawstring or tension cord using the body's own muscle strength. There is the option of using expanders / PRO GYM Fitness Tube in front of and behind the body. Training in front of the body mainly trains the shoulder and arm muscles, while training on the back mainly trains the higher regions of the back muscles. The opposite of expanders are impanders, which, unlike expanders, are not designed for tension or pressure. The / PRO GYM Fitness Tubes are now among the most popular home fitness equipment worldwide.

Advantages and areas of application of the PRO GYM Fitness Tube

Compared to the usual weight or dumbbell training, expanders offer a variably adjustable resistance. Exercises to increase strength, speed and endurance are possible with minimal joint stress. There are almost no differences in a direct comparison of training with PRO GYM Fitness Tube / expanders and with dumbbells / dumbbells. The resistance can be adjusted progressively on both training devices. PRO GYM Fitness Tube have a continuous tension that acts on the muscle groups. This means that a constant training effect is possible.
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