Resistance Training

Resistance band, Recoil 360

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Recoil 360 resistance trainer, black. Many athletes in various sports use resistance trainers to improve strength, coordination and agility. The flexible band of the Recoil 360 stretches from 2.4 m to up to 6 m, with a pulling resistance of 6.8 kg to 22.7 kg. The adjustable hip belt allows 360-degree movements and thus enables exercises with resistance or support for sprint training, training changes of direction for strength and coordination building. The resistance trainer can be used alone when attached to a fixed point, or with a partner who can still influence the behaviour of the band. Resistance training is an integral part of the training programme of many professionals in athletics, football, football, rugby etc. in order to achieve more explosiveness, strength and mobility. Weight 1.27 kg.

ProGym Flexiband

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The ProGym Flexiband in the eye-catching colors neon orange and neon yellow is up to 100% stretchable and offers a variety of uses in school, club and leisure. Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to attach the tape to game posts and other attachment points. The loop length is 60 cm. The textile ProGym Flexiband is lightfast, weatherproof and washable. The tape is supplied including reel for safe storage and thanks to its versatility should not be missing in any gym, or daycare center. In addition, the ProGym Flexiband can also be used for swimming training. Details: Best visibility thanks to red-yellow luminous color. Water & weather resistant Washable Extendable up to about twice its length Easy to connect multiple tapes together Practical winding device 80% polyester and 20% elastane Application areas: Schools Clubs Leisure Hobby & Family In and outdoor

movisensa® orbit

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With the movisensa® orbit, deep-lying holding muscles in the arms and the sensorimotor system are specifically trained.Details: Activates the local musculature Available in two sizes Made of 100% plastic ABS with internal steel ball

Battle Rope

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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for special cardio and strength endurance training. The wave movements strengthen the torso muscles in a targeted way. Details: 15 m length Ø 3,8 cm

Battle Rope Training Set

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The Battle Rope training set is the perfect combination for roping training in which upper body strength and endurance are trained. The training rope is simply tied to the anchor and the training can start.Details: 1x Battlerope: length 10 m, Ø 5 cm 1x floor anchor Without attachment material

Crossfitness Weight Sledge

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A weight sledge offers a variety of exercises to build muscles efficiently and increases endurance. Thanks to the extremely robust steel frame construction, training with heavy weights is possible. Vertical and horizontal hand posts offer several different holding positions on both sides for pushing and pulling. Together with the centre post, the three removable vertical posts also serve as holders for the training weight. With multiple attachment anchors, almost any waistcoat or belt can be attached, giving this sled unmatched versatility. Suitable for professional use in gyms. Specifications: Shelf space (W x L x H) 79 x 127 x 102 cm Weight 31 kg Maximum payload 160 kg Range of use: Gym Club sport Delivery carriage forward ex works.

PROUD Air Bike 2.0

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The PROUD Air Bike 2.0 works on the principle of air resistance. The faster you pedal, the greater the resistance. Details: Set-up dimensions (W x L x H): 38 x 131 x 89 cm LCD display 8 training modes Adjustable saddle Integrated Polar heart rate receiver Max. user weight 180 kg

Deuser special pull rope

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The DEUSER pull rope is a versatile exercise device that can be used to train movement techniques, strength and fitness. Athletes from various sports like to use the pull rope and even swimming techniques with the necessary muscle groups can be trained with this rope 'in the dry'. When the DEUSER pull rope has been attached to a fixed object, such as a post, wall bars, etc., with a loop, an infinite number of exercises can be performed and muscle groups trained. For safety during training, the loops are adjustable in size for hands or legs. The material is durable and skin-friendly. Made in Germany. Delivery includes training instructions.Specifications: Special exercise equipment for many sports Simulation and optimization of motion sequences Length 350 cmAvailable in three tensile strengths 20 kg / 30 kg / 40 kg Durable and skin friendlyMade in Germany Range of application: Suitable for almost any type of sports Strengthening of various muscle groups Practical training device for on the goIncrease mobility and coordination