Fitness Equipment

Ergometer U40i With Console Touch
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The top ergometer of the U 40 i-model, for home training class and limited semi-professional use (max. 3 hours per day). The highlight of this bike trainer is the newly developed touch panel.
Massage Band Trigger Strap
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Massage belt trigger Strap, black / g yellow, (L x B x H) 30.68 x 11.2 x 8.31 cm, 430, innovative design, pressure can be controlled depending on the sense, long belt for variable setting, suitable for many areas of the body and for an effective massage of trigger points
PROGYM Kettlebell
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The PROGYM kettlebell combines particularly ergonomic handling with the classic attributes of a kettlebell. The design protects the back of the hand and the lower arm parts, especially when reaching around during the exercises and the resulting kick back. The PRO GYM kettlebell is available in four weight variants: 4 kg / red 6 kg / blue 8 kg / purple 12 kg / light blue
BENZ Small Vaulting Box Multiplex Crossfitness
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The original - the BENZ small jump box Multicross Crossfitness. Tried and tested for many years for a variety of exercises and games and established as a training aid in a wide variety of sports - the small vaulting boxes from BENZ® Made in Germany! Vault box details: length 70 cm width 50 cm height 40 cm Made from birch plywood Regupol covering fully laminated Reinforced plywood cover plate Front handle holes PEFC certified
Faszienrolle BLACK ROLL FLOW
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Faszienrolle Blackroll FLOW, black, 180 g, smooth rolling of the fascia and active stimulation over a hard surface. The fascia is rehydrated and blood circulation selectively stimulated. Both directions can be used individually and perfectly combined if necessary, gently vibrates
Fascia Trainer MAROLA
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Marola XL length 60cm This dimensionally stable and robust massage roller was specially designed to release tension and adhesions in the connective tissue and to massage trigger points in a targeted manner. The structure of this roller, which consists of rounded elevations and pleasant depressions, ensures an effective self-massage.
Elliptical Ergometer Andes 3
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With the folding system featherlight, which allows a particularly space-saving storage. Pedal space (Q) mm less than 100th Equipped with a high-quality, permanent magnet brake and maintenance free grooved belt-drive system. Resistance adjustment in Watts Program: A target value programmable from 25 to 300 watts in 5-watt increments ....
XF40i Elliptical Ergometer With Console "Elegant"
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Equipped with an induction brake and grooved belt-drive system and the Klappystem one-step folding. Dynamic motion pedals with 51cm stride length and a pedal distance of 7 cm. Quiet-Glide drive technology ensures an extremely silent and training.
Sling Training
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Sling training - the ultimate guide to total body workout. 100 exercises from easy to difficult, all shown with detailed image sequences. This book contains 20 exercise programs, compiled by specialists. In a simple and fast way the health of the athlete is improved. Approximately 192 pages with 200 color photos. Author: Anders Berget & amp; Lennart Krohn-Hansen.
BENZ Pull-up Bar
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The BENZ pull-up bar is the ideal accessory to expand the exercise variety on the wall bars. By quickly and easily hooking in you get a stable pull-up station. Details: Support bar made of tubular steel with beechwood rung. Foldable for space-saving storage Easy to hang at any height Hanging hooks fitted with protectors Available in two widths
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For fitness aerobics and daily gymnastic exercises, a very versatile device to improve your figure.
Door Bar
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Adjustable from 65 - 96 cm, chromed steel pipe (Ø 30 mm). provided for a secure fit with two adjustable grip pads, each 13 cm long. Hard rubber spare the door jamb. Up to a body weight of 120 Kg.
Step Up
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the compact alternative to conventional stair-climbing machines, resistance adjustable. Without training computer.
VarioSling Professional
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VarioSling Professional, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.
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Slingtrainer, VarioSling Professional Package, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. The four included in this package DVDs provide an ideal introduction to the Slingtraining in over 70 exercises. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.
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m with non-modifiable end pieces, length 1.50. Multi-functional training equipment for fitness, sports and rehabilitation. Staff red, black tails. With exercise guide for beginners and advanced.
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Flowin Friction Training - is a training concept, which is the interplay of two underlying components: gravitational force and friction. By your own body weight in conjunction with a training base and specially designed pads for hands, knees and feet, these fitness innovation offers a revolutionary total body workout.
Gymnastics Sandbag
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Excellent training tool for a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles and to promote flexibility. Case made of PVC coated nylon fabric with a PVC liner and leather handles without silica sand filling.
Battle Rope
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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for a special cardio workout. Especially for beginners, the short rope lengths promise an increase in coordination, strength and endurance. Very soft and fast undulations can be created with the polyester rope. The rope is abrasion-resistant and covered with shrink tubes at the ends. This prevents the rope from fraying. Fixation of the swing can be realised by kettlebells on the floor.
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The BENZ®-BLACKROLL® supports you in training your fasciae. Through self-massage you improve your blood circulation with the BENZ-Blackroll, loosen adhesions of the connective tissue and tensions in the muscles. Medium hardness rate Skin friendly, odorless Dimensions 30 x 15 cm Material 100% recyclable
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Stonie, the small powerhouse for fitness, physiotherapy, MTT (medical training therapy) and rehabilitation. The big advantage to small dumbbells: Due to their small size, the weight is centrally located in the hand. Unpleasant burdens in the wrist be virtually eliminated. Physiological motion guides are guaranteed.
Blackroll Duoball
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For punctual self massage, to improve mobility and to solve hardening. The material prepared from EPP is 100% recyclable. The Massage Ball is sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. The different sizes 8 cm and 12 cm are designed specifically for the areas of the body, which can hardly or difficult to reach by conventional products.
Weight Bar
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Weight rods are particularly suitable for the warm-up training in aerobics, fitness and therapy area. Made of a special steel alloy with Glitter flush fitted, end caps. The bars are available in seven different weight classes, which are color-coded.
Pedalo® Stabilizer "professional"
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The pedalo® stabilizer & lt; & lt; pro & gt; & gt; is the demanding increase the execution & lt; & lt; Sports & gt; & gt ;. The legs work here independently. One side muscle and coordinative weaknesses are thus better identified the practitioner / therapist. The foot stand platforms offer more mobility in all directions and require more stability, especially in the foot and lower leg muscles.
Pedalo® Vestimed® 50
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The pedalo®-Vestimed® has a spring system, which can perform all exercises in the unstable state. proved just as in the prevention and rehabilitation as the fitness, health and sports performance. The universal full-body exercise machine shows its full effect from head to toe and binds brain, nervous system, arms, legs, back, torso and abdomen in the movements with one.
Pedalo® Rotary Wippbrett 50 Vario
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The high-quality, multi-functional gym system combines twist, gyrate and bounce by simply changing thanks to magnetic connector system. The rotation disk is used for twisting the mobility, relaxation and toning of the lateral back and abdominal muscles, and the muscles in the lower back and can prevent back discomfort.
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Fascia roller BLACKROLL BOOSTER Set Standard stimulation device, black, 940 g, consists of a BLACKROLL BOOSTER and a BLACKROLL STANDARD. The new technology enables a unique vibration that is much more efficient than the well-known vibration rollers.
Multi Weight Kettlebell
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The innovative Kettlebell combines optimum functionality and space savings in a product. Inside the barbell weight plates 4 are accommodated which can be stored on the Schnellwechselystem or recorded. Thus, the weight can vary and there is a kettlebell with 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 14 kg or 16 kg available.