BENZ Vaulting Box Base Crossfitness
BENZ Vaulting Box Base Crossfitness

BENZ vaulting box base crossfitness

Simply modify your BENZ multiplex vaulting box for jump training in functional and cross fitness. The wide foot stabilisers with floor protectors ensure that the vaulting box remains stable and can be used perfectly for jump training in athletics thanks to its low height.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 47.5 x 147.5 x 14 cm
  • Made of birch multiplex
  • Foot stabiliser with floor protectors for a safe stand
  • Ideal for extending a BENZ multiplex vaulting box
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The BENZ crossfitness vaulting box base can be used as a spare part or conversion kit for a BENZ multiplex vaulting box. Due to the long foot stabilisers with floor protectors, the vaulting box base has sufficient stability for vaulting training.

In combination with the BENZ crossfitness vaulting box individual parts, a vaulting box set can be put together individually for pylon training. Of course, existing BENZ multiplex vaulting boxes can be converted into a crossfitness vaulting box with the individual parts. Please note that for safe plyotraining, a vaulting box base without a rolling device should always be used.
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