Cross Fitness

BENZ small vaulting box Multiplex Crossfitness

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The original - the BENZ small jump box Multicross Crossfitness. Tried and tested for many years for a variety of exercises and games and established as a training aid in a wide variety of sports - the small vaulting boxes from BENZ® Made in Germany! Vault box details: length 70 cm width 50 cm height 40 cm Made from birch plywood Regupol covering fully laminated Reinforced plywood cover plate Front handle holes PEFC certified

PROGYM Kettlebell

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The PROGYM kettlebell combines particularly ergonomic handling with the classic attributes of a kettlebell. The design protects the back of the hand and the lower arm parts, especially when reaching around during the exercises and the resulting kick back. The PRO GYM kettlebell is available in four weight variants: 4 kg / red 6 kg / blue 8 kg / purple 12 kg / light blue

PROGYM Neoprene dumbbell piece

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The PROGYM dumbbells with neoprene coating are ideal for professional use in the studio, in physiotherapy practices and for home use. Even with sweaty hands, the neoprene coating ensures a good grip and a safe workout. The dumbbells are ideal for strength training, rehabilitation sports and are also very popular for group training in the studio. Price per piece! Available weights: 1.0 kg, purple 1.5 kg, purple 2.0 kg, blue 3.0 kg, blue 4.0 kg, red 5.0 kg, red

Dumbbell set cast iron 20 kg

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The dumbbell set, packed in a handy case, is ideal for a workout at home. The high-quality weight plates made of solid cast iron can be replaced quickly and easily with the help of the star locks. The dumbbell set consists of the following components: 4 x 2.5 kg disc 4 x 1.25 kg disc 4 x 0.5 kg plate 4 x star locks (0.2 kg each) 2 x dumbbell bar (1.2 kg each) 1 x case approx. 1 kg Diameter of dumbbell bar: 24 mm Hole diameter weight plates: 27 mm Possible weight distribution of the dumbbells: 2 x 10 kg / 1 x 15 kg Dumbbell bars can be supplemented with other weight plates with a hole diameter of 30 mm Translated with (free version)

BENZ Kettlebell cast iron

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The BENZ kettlebell is used for strength and cardio training in cross fitness. The high-quality dumbbell is particularly durable due to the cast iron. Use for your strength training the kettlebell in a variety of weight classes: 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg 16 kg 20 kg 24 kg 28 kg 32 kg 36 kg 40 kg

Multiple Fitness Tube Set of 4

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The Multiple Fitness Tube Set of 4 offers you an intense body workout with different resistance levels for home or on the go. Product Features:Effective and intense full body workout. 4 Tubings, approx. 147 cm long (Level 1-4) Set contents: 4x Tubings (Level 1-4) 1x handles (pair) 1x hand straps (pair) 1x footstraps (pair) 1x door roller 1x exercise manual 1x bag

door bar

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Adjustable from 65 - 96 cm, chromed steel pipe (Ø 30 mm). provided for a secure fit with two adjustable grip pads, each 13 cm long. Hard rubber spare the door jamb. Up to a body weight of 120 Kg.

VarioSling Professional

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VarioSling Professional, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.

BENZ pull-up bar

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The BENZ pull-up bar is the ideal accessory to expand the exercise variety on the wall bars. By quickly and easily hooking in you get a stable pull-up station. Details: Support bar made of tubular steel with beechwood rung. Foldable for space-saving storage Easy to hang at any height Hanging hooks fitted with protectors Available in two widths

BENZ gymnastics sandbag

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Excellent training tool for a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles and to promote flexibility. Case made of PVC coated nylon fabric with a PVC liner and leather handles without silica sand filling.

Plyo Soft Box Set of 3

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Easily get started with plyometric training or cross fitness with the Plyo Soft Box 3-piece set. The different heights allow you to customize and intensify your workout. Easily stackable with velcro connections and anti-slip base on the bottom of the boxes. The vinyl covers of the plyo boxes are easy to clean. Construction of the Plyo Soft Box Set of 3 - 1 x Plyo Soft Box blue (H x W x L) 30 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box red (H x W x L) 45 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box black (H x W x L) 60 x 73 x 90 cm

VarioSling Basic Package

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VarioSling Basic package that ideal unit for home users and Slingfitnes beginners. The supplied door anchor guarantees fast assembly, can be so that I immediately started training. The four included in this package DVDs showing different exercises for the muscles to train effectively.

movisensa® orbit

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With the movisensa® orbit, deep-lying holding muscles in the arms and the sensorimotor system are specifically trained.Details: Activates the local musculature Available in two sizes Made of 100% plastic ABS with internal steel ball

Battle Rope

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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for special cardio and strength endurance training. The wave movements strengthen the torso muscles in a targeted way. Details: 15 m length Ø 3,8 cm

Cube Sports basic set

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With the Cube Sports basic set, you can put together your own individual training course using a modular system. This set can also be used to playfully improve basic motor skills and balance in physical education classes or club sports. Produced according to DIN 913 from multiplex birch wood, the gymnastic equipment can be securely fastened by a spring-bolt system. Contents of set: 1 Cube large (125x125x200 cm, approx. 183 kg) 1 Cube small (125x125x160 cm, approx. 168 kg) 1 Wall large (150x75x100 cm, approx. 115 kg) 1 inclined wall large (200x100x15 cm, approx. 33 kg) 1 wall bar suspension (200x95x8 cm, approx. 38 kg) 1 padded cover (154x54x9 cm, approx. 14 kg) 1 trivet for wall (150x79x22 cm, approx. 18 kg) 1 beam (210x10x10 cm, approx. 8 kg) 1 beam (310x10x10 cm, approx. 12 kg) 2 steel bar (ø 4.24 cm, 250 cm, approx. 8.5 kg) Delivery is carriage forward ex manufacturer's works.

BENZ Vaulting Box Crossfitness

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Vaulting box specially developed for cross fitness or functional training with a wide jumping-off surface, reinforced lid with Regupol covering.Details: Dimensions (L x W): 147.5 x 47.5 cm In 2-piece, 4-piece or 5-piece version Made of birch multiplex Non-slip thanks to Regupol covering All-round vaulting box for any vaulting training

BENZ Vaulting Box Top Crossfitness

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Simply convert your BENZ multiplex box for jump training in functional and cross fitness. Thanks to the wide jumping surface and the non-slip Regupol covering of the upper part, a BENZ multiplex box can also be used for athletics training.Details: Dimensions (L x W x H) 47.5 x 147.5 x 13 cm Jumping area with Regupol surface Ideal for extending a BENZ multiplex vaulting box

BENZ vaulting box base crossfitness

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Simply modify your BENZ multiplex vaulting box for jump training in functional and cross fitness. The wide foot stabilisers with floor protectors ensure that the vaulting box remains stable and can be used perfectly for jump training in athletics thanks to its low height.Details: Dimensions (L x W x H) 47.5 x 147.5 x 14 cm Made of birch multiplex Foot stabiliser with floor protectors for a safe stand Ideal for extending a BENZ multiplex vaulting box

BENZ multiplex vaulting box centre part

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Individually expand your BENZ multiplex vaulting box with the BENZ vaulting box centre part made of birch multiplex. Details: Dimensions (W x D): 147.50 x 47.5 cm Available in two heights: 10 / 20 cm Suitable for all BENZ birch multiplex jumping boxes

Mobile bar spar

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The mobile parallel bars from the "Simone Biles series" are used to prepare for the uneven bars and to practise turns and handstands. It is also the ideal training tool for exercises at home. Details: Dimensions (L x W): 111 x 24.5 cm

Cube Coaster

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With the Cube coaster, you can expand your Cube Parkour. Quickly and easily, the coaster can be integrated into the parkour and further Cupe gymnastics equipment can be added. Details: Pedestal as an elevation by 22 cm Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 79 x 22 cm Ideal addition to increase the training level

Weight chains

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These weight chains are a perfect accessory for progressive weight training. Details: Supplied as a pair Weight per pair: 16 kg = 2x 8 kg / 32 kg = 2x 16 kg 50 cm diameter Easy to attach to the barbell rod due to locking ring with rotary lever Chain length 150 cm Material: galvanised steel


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Stonie, the small powerhouse for fitness, physiotherapy, MTT (medical training therapy) and rehabilitation. The big advantage to small dumbbells: Due to their small size, the weight is centrally located in the hand. Unpleasant burdens in the wrist be virtually eliminated. Physiological motion guides are guaranteed.

Crossfitness Weight Sledge

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A weight sledge offers a variety of exercises to build muscles efficiently and increases endurance. Thanks to the extremely robust steel frame construction, training with heavy weights is possible. Vertical and horizontal hand posts offer several different holding positions on both sides for pushing and pulling. Together with the centre post, the three removable vertical posts also serve as holders for the training weight. With multiple attachment anchors, almost any waistcoat or belt can be attached, giving this sled unmatched versatility. Suitable for professional use in gyms. Specifications: Shelf space (W x L x H) 79 x 127 x 102 cm Weight 31 kg Maximum payload 160 kg Range of use: Gym Club sport Delivery carriage forward ex works.

Hexagonal dumbbell set

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The hexagonal dumbbell sets with different weight levels can be used in a variety of ways in fitness and strength training. Product features: Steel core with 1 cm thick rubber coating. Dumbbells can not roll away due to the hexagonal shape Set contents: Set 1: Weight class 1 to 10 kg 10 pairs of dumbbells in 1 kg steps Set 2: Weight class 7,5 to 20 kg 6 pairs of dumbbells in 2,5 kg steps Set 3: Weight class 22,5 to 30 kg 4 pairs of dumbbells in 2,5 kg steps Set 4: Weight class 32,5 to 40 kg 4 pairs of dumbbells in 2.5 kg steps

Slam Ball

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With its high weight, the Slam Ball is very similar to the medicine ball, with the difference that the Slam Ball does not bounce - it stays where it falls. This feature makes it the perfect ball for weight training in cross fitness or functional training.Details: Different weight classes: 8/10/15/20 kg Inflatable via valve Robust PVC cover Filled with sand

ATX® Pegboard / Climbing Board

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The ATX® Pegboard is an ideal training tool for climbing and bouldering or cross fitness training. By quickly repositioning the handles, the muscles of the upper body are stressed differently. Product details: - Climbing board 110 x 30 cm - load capacity 150 kg - made of solid, 4 cm thick multiplex beech wood plates - sealed with clear varnish - including 2 beech wood handles - Ø 3 cm x 16 cm long - including 2 screws for mounting - weight 8.5 kg

PROGYM Speed Rope

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The PROGYM Speedrope has a black, plastic-coated steel cable with plastic handles and bearings that ensure absolutely resistance-free swinging of the cable. The Speedrope is equally suitable for beginners and professionals and can be easily adjusted in rope length via screw locks. The plastic handles have grooves that allow a good grip. The head of the handles and the bearings made of metal ensure a long service life. Rope skipping involves the whole body, which makes this small training tool effective and versatile. With this PROGYM Speedrope all skills are possible and are supported by the bearings. Specifications: Plastic coated steel cableScrew locks for adjusting the rope length Head and bearing made of metal Rope length 285 cm Weight 100 g Handle length 13 cm

Bulgarian Bag

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Bulgarian Bag filled with sand and wool is a unique training tool specially designed by wrestlers to improve your explosiveness. Perfect for performing various strength exercises for the upper and lower part of the body. For example: rotational swings, step ups, jump squats, upright rows or overhead lunges. The sandbag has 3 handles on the back and 2 handles with loops on the front. This allows you to hold the sandbag in different ways during your workout. Bulgarian sandbag is available in 5, 10, 15 and 20 kg weight. They differ in color, which makes it easier to distinguish the bags.


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Slingtrainer, VarioSling Professional Package, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. The four included in this package DVDs provide an ideal introduction to the Slingtraining in over 70 exercises. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.