Cross Fitness

BENZ Small Vaulting Box Multiplex Crossfitness
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The original - the BENZ small jump box Multicross Crossfitness. Tried and tested for many years for a variety of exercises and games and established as a training aid in a wide variety of sports - the small vaulting boxes from BENZ® Made in Germany! Vault box details: length 70 cm width 50 cm height 40 cm Made from birch plywood Regupol covering fully laminated Reinforced plywood cover plate Front handle holes PEFC certified
PRO GYM Kettlebell
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The PRO GYM kettlebell combines particularly ergonomic handling with the classic attributes of a kettlebell. The design protects the back of the hand and the lower arm parts, especially when reaching around during the exercises and the resulting kick back. The PRO GYM kettlebell is available in four weight variants: 4 kg / red 6 kg / blue 8 kg / purple 12 kg / light blue
PRO GYM Neoprene Dumbbell Piece
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Neoprene dumbbell coated with high quality neoprene. They are ideal for rehab sports, strength training, stretching yoga and Pilates as well as for courses in the studio and at home. They are ideally suited for professional use in the studio and / or physiotherapy available in 1,0 kg 1,5 kg 2,0 kg 3,0 kg 4,0 kg 5,0 kg
PRO GYM Medicine Ball
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Medicine ball made of rubber, 3 kg, very handy, jumping medicine ball made of rubber with hygienically washable surface structure, Including needle valve for setting the bounce.
Dumbbell Set Cast Iron 20 Kg
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The dumbbell set, packed in a handy case, is ideal for a workout at home. The high-quality weight plates made of solid cast iron can be replaced quickly and easily with the help of the star locks. The dumbbell set consists of the following components: 4 x 2.5 kg disc 4 x 1.25 kg disc 4 x 0.5 kg plate 4 x star locks (0.2 kg each) 2 x dumbbell bar (1.2 kg each) 1 x case approx. 1 kg Diameter of dumbbell bar: 24 mm Hole diameter weight plates: 27 mm Possible weight distribution of the dumbbells: 2 x 10 kg / 1 x 15 kg Dumbbell bars can be supplemented with other weight plates with a hole diameter of 30 mm Translated with (free version)
Crossfit Tower
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As a multifunctional training device, the Crossfitness Tower allows a variety of full-body workouts and typical training exercises from Crossfitness. Made of powder-coated steel profiles 76 x 76 mm, weight: 600 kg Installation dimensions (L x W x H) 406 x 377 x 252 cm
BENZ Kettlebell Cast Iron
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The BENZ kettlebell is used for strength and cardio training in cross fitness. The high-quality dumbbell is particularly durable due to the cast iron. Use for your strength training the kettlebell in a variety of weight classes: 4 kg 6 kg 8 kg 10 kg 12 kg 14 kg 16 kg 20 kg 24 kg 28 kg 32 kg 36 kg 40 kg
Multible Resistence Band Set Of 4,
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Multible resistence band Set of 4, yellow / green / red / blue, 147 cm each elastic band, 0.8 kg / Set, natural rubber, elastic band 4 x (level 1-4), 1 x handles pair 1 x hand loops pair 1 x Fußschlaufen pair, 1 x door roller, 1 x pocket, 1 x exercise instructions, for all muscle groups
Door Bar
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Adjustable from 65 - 96 cm, chromed steel pipe (Ø 30 mm). provided for a secure fit with two adjustable grip pads, each 13 cm long. Hard rubber spare the door jamb. Up to a body weight of 120 Kg.
VarioSling Professional
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VarioSling Professional, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.
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Slingtrainer, VarioSling Professional Package, a high-quality suspension trainer for a professional Slingtraining. The four included in this package DVDs provide an ideal introduction to the Slingtraining in over 70 exercises. High-quality materials ensure a long shelf life in the regular training work of fitness trainers, physiotherapists and professional athletes.
BENZ Pull-up Bar
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The BENZ pull-up bar is the ideal accessory to expand the exercise variety on the wall bars. By quickly and easily hooking in you get a stable pull-up station. Details: Support bar made of tubular steel with beechwood rung. Foldable for space-saving storage Easy to hang at any height Hanging hooks fitted with protectors Available in two widths
Battle Rope
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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for a special cardio workout. Especially for beginners, the short rope lengths promise an increase in coordination, strength and endurance. Very soft and fast undulations can be created with the polyester rope. The rope is abrasion-resistant and covered with shrink tubes at the ends. This prevents the rope from fraying. Fixation of the swing can be realised by kettlebells on the floor.
Gymnastics Sandbag
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Excellent training tool for a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles and to promote flexibility. Case made of PVC coated nylon fabric with a PVC liner and leather handles without silica sand filling.
Plyo Soft Box Set Of 3
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Easily get started with plyometric training or cross fitness with the Plyo Soft Box 3-piece set. The different heights allow you to customize and intensify your workout. Easily stackable with velcro connections and anti-slip base on the bottom of the boxes. The vinyl covers of the plyo boxes are easy to clean. Construction of the Plyo Soft Box Set of 3 - 1 x Plyo Soft Box blue (H x W x L) 30 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box red (H x W x L) 45 x 73 x 90 cm - 1 x Plyo Soft Box black (H x W x L) 60 x 73 x 90 cm
VarioSling Basic Package
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VarioSling Basic package that ideal unit for home users and Slingfitnes beginners. The supplied door anchor guarantees fast assembly, can be so that I immediately started training. The four included in this package DVDs showing different exercises for the muscles to train effectively.