Rowing Machines

Rudergerät R85W
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Rowing machine R85W with water resistance, silver-black, dual rail, LCD color display 80x50 mm, 8 programs, max.user weight 135 kg. Dimensions: 228x56x66 cm, weight: 44 kg.
Rowing Machine R20
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Rowing machine R20, black / gray / silver, Weight 15 kg 1740x380x540 mm, N.W./G.W. 15/18 kg Maximum User Weight 120 kg, rowing machine klapprbar including transport rollers. Shows speed, time, distance, calorie and heart rate, 4 resistance levels, adjustable with an adjustment knob, 1 program, LCD display (2 x AA batteries) 80 x 42 mm / 3.1 x 1.7 inches
Rowing Machine Oxford 6 "Home Exerciser"
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Rowing machine Oxford 6, "Home Exerciser", (L) 210 cm x (B) 62 cm x (H) 109 cm, 40 kg, User weight 160 kg It uses an electromagnetic induction brake ( "Eddy-current brake"), which can be adjusted to 20 levels. Includes 12 programs: Manual, fat burning, distance, training intervals (time, distance), power intervals (endurance, speed), Race (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and a heart rate training (Maximum heart rate, target heart rate). The console gives you continuous feedback during workouts to time, rowing strokes, meters, time / m 500, SPM (strokes per minute), calories and Wat integrated Brustgurtempfänger. The data acquired during training can be transferred wirelessly directly to your devices thanks Viewfit compatibility - directly (u.v.m. as Strava, Polar Flow, Garmin Connect) into your favorite app.
Rowing Machine SkiErg2 With PM5 Monitor
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Rowing machine SkiErg2 with PM5 monitor, matt black, to save (W x H x T) 52 x 212 x 40.6 cm, steel / plastic, including power monitor PM5, with the shutter mechanism to fold to accommodate, rowing machine is screwed to the wall and without a frame provided, suitable for Kraftausdauertaining in commercial gyms
WaterRower With Monitor
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are retrieved with a monitor on a wide variety of rowing during data können.Das best rowing machine for intense private use and for gyms. Design Ash nature. Force and movement correspond to original rowing on the water.