Training Machines

Weight sled / - Sack

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Weight sledge / - Sack, SpeedSac, black / yellow, (L x B x H) 12.7 x 35.86 x 31.75 cm, 2.99 kg, robust 3 weight pockets, each with up to 4.5 kg sand filled (total of 13.6 kg), suitable for strengthening the gluteal muscles, hamstring, quadriceps and calf

crossfit Tower

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As a multifunctional training device, the Crossfitness Tower allows a variety of full-body workouts and typical training exercises from Crossfitness. Made of powder-coated steel profiles 76 x 76 mm, weight: 600 kg Installation dimensions (L x W x H) 406 x 377 x 252 cm

Vertical Row

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Vertical Row, upholstery color: black, frame: gray / silver, (L x B x H) 150 x 130 x 150 cm, 194 kg, weight package 94 kg, suitable for strengthening the back muscles, CAUTION: seams of the upholstery are yellow! "Unfree ex works"

Weight plates rack

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Weight plates tray, black, (L x B x H) 143 x 74 x 41 cm, 52 kg an effective system to save space, without accessories "not free from the manufacturing plant"

Double rope pulling machine SlimBeam

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There convince with its slim shape and takes up little space. Total height of 215 cm, width cm 40th The floor space required measures less than a half square. 15 weights with a total of 75 kg provide a challenging workout. Standard translation is 3: 1. Total weight: 120 kg. Supplied with rope.