movisensa® orbit

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With the movisensa® orbit, deep-lying holding muscles in the arms and the sensorimotor system are specifically trained.Details: Activates the local musculature Available in two sizes Made of 100% plastic ABS with internal steel ball

Battle Rope

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The Battle Rope swing rope is particularly suitable for special cardio and strength endurance training. The wave movements strengthen the torso muscles in a targeted way. Details: 15 m length Ø 3,8 cm

Cube Sports basic set

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With the Cube Sports basic set, you can put together your own individual training course using a modular system. This set can also be used to playfully improve basic motor skills and balance in physical education classes or club sports. Produced according to DIN 913 from multiplex birch wood, the gymnastic equipment can be securely fastened by a spring-bolt system. Contents of set: 1 Cube large (125x125x200 cm, approx. 183 kg) 1 Cube small (125x125x160 cm, approx. 168 kg) 1 Wall large (150x75x100 cm, approx. 115 kg) 1 inclined wall large (200x100x15 cm, approx. 33 kg) 1 wall bar suspension (200x95x8 cm, approx. 38 kg) 1 padded cover (154x54x9 cm, approx. 14 kg) 1 trivet for wall (150x79x22 cm, approx. 18 kg) 1 beam (210x10x10 cm, approx. 8 kg) 1 beam (310x10x10 cm, approx. 12 kg) 2 steel bar (ø 4.24 cm, 250 cm, approx. 8.5 kg) Delivery is carriage forward ex manufacturer's works.

BENZ Vaulting Box Crossfitness

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Vaulting box specially developed for cross fitness or functional training with a wide jumping-off surface, reinforced lid with Regupol covering.Details: Dimensions (L x W): 147.5 x 47.5 cm In 2-piece, 4-piece or 5-piece version Made of birch multiplex Non-slip thanks to Regupol covering All-round vaulting box for any vaulting training

BENZ Vaulting Box Top Crossfitness

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Simply convert your BENZ multiplex box for jump training in functional and cross fitness. Thanks to the wide jumping surface and the non-slip Regupol covering of the upper part, a BENZ multiplex box can also be used for athletics training.Details: Dimensions (L x W x H) 47.5 x 147.5 x 13 cm Jumping area with Regupol surface Ideal for extending a BENZ multiplex vaulting box

BENZ vaulting box base crossfitness

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Simply modify your BENZ multiplex vaulting box for jump training in functional and cross fitness. The wide foot stabilisers with floor protectors ensure that the vaulting box remains stable and can be used perfectly for jump training in athletics thanks to its low height.Details: Dimensions (L x W x H) 47.5 x 147.5 x 14 cm Made of birch multiplex Foot stabiliser with floor protectors for a safe stand Ideal for extending a BENZ multiplex vaulting box

BENZ multiplex vaulting box centre part

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Individually expand your BENZ multiplex vaulting box with the BENZ vaulting box centre part made of birch multiplex. Details: Dimensions (W x D): 147.50 x 47.5 cm Available in two heights: 10 / 20 cm Suitable for all BENZ birch multiplex jumping boxes

Mobile bar spar

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The mobile parallel bars from the "Simone Biles series" are used to prepare for the uneven bars and to practise turns and handstands. It is also the ideal training tool for exercises at home. Details: Dimensions (L x W): 111 x 24.5 cm

Cube Coaster

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With the Cube coaster, you can expand your Cube Parkour. Quickly and easily, the coaster can be integrated into the parkour and further Cupe gymnastics equipment can be added.Details: Pedestal as an elevation by 22 cm Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 79 x 22 cm Ideal addition to increase the training level

Sensa®vario Board

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The Sensa®vario Board made of 100% PU with a sandwich core is an innovative training tool for promoting health through conscious movement.Deatils: Dimensions (W x L) 60 x 90 cm Maximum load 200 kg Made of 100% PU with sandwitch core Perfect for therapy and fitness training

Pedalo® spring board

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The Pedalo® spring board is a perfect training station for sports and therapy to improve the entire posture and movement coordination. Details: Available in two sizes Base: 150 x 40 / 180 x 60 cm Height: 21 cm Made of 21 mm birch plywood 4 Senso springs permanently mounted With variable Senso springs (1 or 2 springs depending on version) Max. User weight 120 kgRange of use: Recreational sports Health sport Clubs Fitness studios Rehabilitation centres & therapy practices

Foam massage roller

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Relax your deep-lying connective tissue with the massage roller.Product details: Dimensions (W x L x H) 10 x 30 x 10 cm Made of latex-free foam For relaxing pressure massagesRange of application: Self-massage Fascia training Therapy and rehabilitation

Bulgarian Bag

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The Bulgarian Bag is popular for training strength, coordination and endurance. Due to its different weight classes, the training can be adapted. Details: Material: synthetic leather Weight bag filled with sand In different weight classes

PROUD Air Bike 2.0

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The PROUD Air Bike 2.0 works on the principle of air resistance. The faster you pedal, the greater the resistance. Details: Set-up dimensions (W x L x H): 38 x 131 x 89 cm LCD display 8 training modes Adjustable saddle Integrated Polar heart rate receiver Max. user weight 180 kg

HORIZON Indoor Bike GR6

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The GR6 Indoor Cycle features a magnetic resistance system that allows you to adjust your workout intensity quickly and smoothly. With the versatile multi-position handlebars and robust frame, whose geometry was inspired by the racing bikes of the pros, you will experience a bike workout like on the road. To make training with the GR6 even more intense, the console was developed with color feedback. So you get direct feedback on your riding performance while training on the GR6 Indoor Bike. Flywheel 16kg 2 Transport rollers Water bottle holder Multi-position handlebar Handlebar adjustment vertical and horizontal, stepless Ergonomic racing saddle Saddle adjustment vertical & horizontal, stepless Reversible pedals, SPD / basket 5" LCD Display Displays: Time, distance, calories, heart rate, RPM, speed, battery status Wireless heart rate receiver compatible with Polar chest strap (uncoded, e.g. Polar T34 or Horizon Fitness Bluetooth chest strap, available as accessories)Programs: Manual, HIIT, Speed Interval, Heart Rate Interval.ECB magnetic brake, emergency stop Belt drive Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 106 x 29 x 90 cm Footprint (L x W x H): 136 x 61 x 121 cm Product weight 52 kg Max. user weight 136 kg Delivery freight collect ex manufacturer's works!