Light Athletics Accessories

Resistance Band, Recoil 360
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Recoil 360 resistance trainer, black. Many athletes in various sports use resistance trainers to improve strength, coordination and agility. The flexible band of the Recoil 360 stretches from 2.4 m to up to 6 m, with a pulling resistance of 6.8 kg to 22.7 kg. The adjustable hip belt allows 360-degree movements and thus enables exercises with resistance or support for sprint training, training changes of direction for strength and coordination building. The resistance trainer can be used alone when attached to a fixed point, or with a partner who can still influence the behaviour of the band. Resistance training is an integral part of the training programme of many professionals in athletics, football, football, rugby etc. in order to achieve more explosiveness, strength and mobility. Weight 1.27 kg.
Plastic Boxes 90 L Set
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Set of 4 plastic boxes with lids in the colors red, yellow, blue, green. A resilient engineered plastic, nestable, with finger holds liter scale at the edge. to seal provided with securing bores 10 mm at the edge to box with lid means padlock. (Lock not included).
Plastic 90 L
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A resilient engineered plastic, nestable, with finger holds liter scale at the edge. Provided with Ø 10 mm - securing holes in the edge region around the boxes to be closed with a padlock. (Cover and lock not included).
Stadium Devices Dolly
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welded from steel, powder coated blue RAL 5007. Turntable steering with ball race, scissors drawbar with safety handle and automatic steamed provision in the rest position. Automatic parking brake on the front wheels acting.
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Steel frame, firmly welded, for transporting outdoor equipment. Loading area 120 x 60 cm, kg of beech plywood, pneumatic tires, load capacity c. 400 As applications we recommend the transport boxes.
Pet Crate
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, Stackable, and for transporting high-impact plastic. Keep small parts u. Garments. 4 boxes fit in the cart.