Pole Vault Equipment

vault box

(tax incl.)
Glass fiber reinforced plastic, with frontal installation flag for outdoor installations, in accordance with DLV-regulation.

vault box

(tax incl.)
Made of galvanized sheet steel, with fixing anchor for setting in concrete, according to the latest DLV regulations.

Sheet steel cover

(tax incl.)
With attached reinforcement, walkable, extra strong, completely galvanized with Aushebe device suitable for injection boxes before.

Exercise vault box

(tax incl.)
equipped GRP, for use in the hall at the bottom with spigot for insertion into existing ground sockets (80 x 80 mm). No slipping possible. Not illustrated.

Altimeter for pole vault

(tax incl.)
Bar for pole vault and high jump, competition benchmark. Anschiebbar m to 6.2, aluminum, with water level, and optimally readable height Scala for vertically measuring.


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For mounting set pole vault stand Star lift. Hot-dip galvanized, 170 cm long double rails on which the stand is moved. Weatherproof, 6 mounting holes M12 each track.

jump rope

(tax incl.)
m of braided nylon cord at both ends with sand-filled bags leather weight, in the middle show leather, length 4.50.