Competition Hurdles

competition hurdle

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The height adjustable competition hurdle is IAAF certified and is best suited for track and field training and competition. Product features: 6-position height adjustable Adjustable heights: 68.6 / 76.2 / 83.8 / 91.4 / 99.1 / 106.7 cm Height adjustment by spring pressure mechanism Adjustable, internal counterweights on the feet IAAF certified

POLANIK height-adjustable children's hurdle

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The Polanik competition hurdle for children's athletics is a hurdle that meets the special requirements of children's athletics. It excellently combines the form of a proper competition hurdle with low heights and a securely padded crossbar. The padded crossbar helps young athletes overcome the fear of the hurdle. This makes hurdling faster and safer without making the transition to real hurdles harder later on. Specifications: Dimensions (W x D): 100 x 46 cm Galvanized steel frame Extension tubes and crossbar made of aluminum Crossbar with foam padding Adjustable heights: 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm Height adjustment with push-button system Weight: 2.7 kg Areas of application: School sports Club sports Competition / Training

BENZ Competition hurdle

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Competition hurdle, red / white, six height settings, 68,6, 76.2 cm, 83.8 cm, 91.4 cm, 99.1 cm, 106.7 cm, weight 12.65 kg; suitable hurdle cars 52551 not included

BENZ competition hurdle

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The BENZ competition hurdle is based on a fully welded steel-aluminum construction. The counterweight with grid locking is galvanized. The telescopic inserts have a mechanism for quick, simultaneous height adjustment (DBGM). Scales are provided for height and weight adjustment. The hurdle complies with IAAF guidelines. Specifications: Width: 119 cm Depth: 70 cm Adjustable heights from 99 to 106.7 cm Areas of application: Competition

Competition hurdle Alu Exclusive registered design

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Is characterized by its simple, fast, proprietary adjustment with sunken plywood hurdle bar. Very stable due to fully welded corners, absolutely rust and maintenance free. Corresponds exactly to the IAAF rules in height, weight and pressure point. Inside Running, galvanized weights. Stickers for info on height and weight adjustment.

Competition hurdle

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Made of aluminium. Height adjustment of the hurdle bar by means of spring bolts. Screwed plywood hurdle bar. Otherwise how version exclusive.

Hurdles Dolly

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Sturdy steel construction with large solid rubber wheels for easy loading of hurdles, accessible from the rear, bearing length 3.95 m. Load capacity 40 World Cup hurdles. With drawbar for towing hitch. With caster wheels in front, thus extremely stable, even in extreme curves.