Competition Hurdle
Competition Hurdle
Competition Hurdle Competition Hurdle Competition Hurdle

competition hurdle

The height adjustable competition hurdle is IAAF certified and is best suited for track and field training and competition.

Product features:
  • 6-position height adjustable
  • Adjustable heights: 68.6 / 76.2 / 83.8 / 91.4 / 99.1 / 106.7 cm
  • Height adjustment by spring pressure mechanism
  • Adjustable, internal counterweights on the feet
  • IAAF certified
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The telescopic tubes of the competition hurdle are made of sturdy eloxated aluminum. By means of a pressure spring mechanism, the hurdle can be conveniently adjusted in height. The internal counterweights provide the tilting moment and can also be easily adjusted. Thanks to the removable feet, the competition hurdle can be stored more easily.
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