Effective endurance and leg muscle training at home! Regular training with our aerobic steppers in many different designs and colors, also suitable for you, suitable for a wide variety of training applications. From mini steppers for a gentle start, to steppers / stepboards for advanced players with power music, to professional steppers with a multitude of useful additional functions for individual training. The ideal introduction to aerobic stepper training begins with the mini steppers or the standard steppers / stepboards. The stepper is always the ideal training partner for activating and strengthening the shoulder, arm and back muscles.

Water stepper Aquastep, red

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Stepper water Aquastep, red, (L x B x H) 67 x 35 x 17 cm, 6 kg hard-wearing plastic material, suitable for water fitness, rehabilitation. Coordination training, balance training, strength and endurance. UV-resistant, resistant to chlorine

Reebok® Step

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Step Reebok, 90 x 35 cm (L x B). Triple adjustable in height, 15/20/25 cm. Easy handling by monoblock construction

BENZ stepper

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Stepper 90 x 40 cm, two platform height positions (13 and 18 cm), easy handling by monoblock construction, non-slip floor elements.

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The professional progym stepper is the optimal training device for fitness studios and clubs. It is suitable for fitness workouts, group training and aerobics as a perfect training platform due to its robust construction and its modern-decent design. Product information Special anti-slip surface Ideal for clubs and studios Dimensions 98 x 38 x 25 cm 3-way adjustable in height (15 / 20 / 25 cm) Maximum user weight 200 kg Colour red / grey / black or turquoise / grey / black Weight 8 kg