Therapy / Rehab

Movisensa® Orbit
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With the Movisensa® orbit, deep-lying holding muscles in the arms and the sensorimotor system are specifically trained.Details: Activates the local musculature Available in two sizes Made of 100% plastic ABS with internal steel ball
Cherry Pit Snake
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Gentle cherry stones cleaned in cotton cover about 65 cm long and 5 cm wide. Applications of Cherry Pit Snake: Suitable to the back - gradually - to relax deeply. Stress leads to tension, which can be treated effectively by massaging hardness of cherry stones.
MAGPAD Sphere Magnet Drawing Board
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The MAGPAD ball magnet drawing board is an exciting magnetic game to pass the time. The black board contains small iron balls that appear on the surface as if by magic when the pen with magnetic tip is moved across the board for this purpose.Details: Available in two sizes: S / M Board & magnetic pen With 10 motif cards Develops visual perception, fine motor skills and creativity
Mobile Correction Foil Mirror
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The mobile correction foil mirror is perfect for mobile use in dance training, school sports and physiotherapy.Details: Dimensions with frame (W x H x D) 145 x 205 x 40 cm 1-piece, swivelling Mirrored polyester foil stretched over aluminium frame Mirror back: polyurethane foam board Mobile thanks to rolling frame Thermostable - no stretching of the mirror surface due to direct sunlight or spotlight Delivery carriage forward ex works!
Sensa®vario Board
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The Sensa®vario Board made of 100% PU with a sandwich core is an innovative training tool for promoting health through conscious movement.Deatils: Dimensions (W x L) 60 x 90 cm Maximum load 200 kg Made of 100% PU with sandwitch core Perfect for therapy and fitness training
Therapy Stool
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The therapy stool is the perfect accessory for gymnastics classes or therapy sessions. It can be used for exercises with small hand tools or for sitting in everyday life and office.Details: Seat height 50 cm Seat Ø 35 cm, 2 cm thick 4-legged, easily stackable Seat natural lacquered beech
AIREX Gymnastics Mat Coronella
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The ARIEX Coronella gymnastics mat offers you pleasant comfort and can be used in many ways. The perfect fitness partner for training and therapy. Thanks to the specially developed material, the gymnastics mat can additionally be used in water. Details: Dimensions (L x W x H): 185 x 60 x 1.5 cm Gentle on the joints Very good cushioning properties against cold and hard floors Skin-friendly material Perfect for training in the gym, clubs and rehabilitation
Nub Ball Hard
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Our hard nub or massage balls are designed for all types of use. The hedgehog balls are perfect for gripping or strengthening exercises as well as reflexology. Product Details: Available sizes: ø 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 cm Hard design Without valve Waterproof Robust PVC material Supplied in assorted colors according to stock Fields of application: Therapy and gymnastics Senior sports Self-massages
Action Cubes Move Cubes
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The Move Cubes action cubes make it very easy to implement didactic games individually. Transparent vinyl pockets for a card size of 10 x 14.5 cm. Made of foam with transparent vinyl cover. Edge length: 16 cm.
Foam Massage Roller
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Relax your deep-lying connective tissue with the massage roller.Product details: Dimensions (W x L x H) 10 x 30 x 10 cm Made of latex-free foam For relaxing pressure massagesRange of application: Self-massage Fascia training Therapy and rehabilitation