Mobile Correction Foil Mirror
Mobile Correction Foil Mirror

Mobile correction foil mirror

The mobile correction foil mirror is perfect for mobile use in dance training, school sports and physiotherapy.

  • Dimensions with frame (W x H x D) 145 x 205 x 40 cm
  • 1-piece, swivelling
  • Mirrored polyester foil stretched over aluminium frame
  • Mirror back: polyurethane foam board
  • Mobile thanks to rolling frame
  • Thermostable - no stretching of the mirror surface due to direct sunlight or spotlight
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The mobile correction foil mirror is used for posture control in physiotherapy, ballet, dance training or school sports. It consists of a 1-piece mirror with a frame made of high-quality, powder-coated square iron tubing. The mirror has 4 lockable castors on the frame. The mirrored polyester film is stretched over an aluminium frame. The mirror can be swivelled forwards and backwards by means of the lock on the frame. The advantage of this mirror is its thermostability. This means that the mirror surface does not blister or distort in direct sunlight or headlights.
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