Gymnastics Competitions

RG Carpet Beijing
(tax incl.)
14 x 14 m, weight of 1.6 kg / m2. Extremely smooth, high-quality anti-static carpet super velor with high shear strength, ensuring optimal training and competition exercises. Pile height approx 7 mm, incl. Red tether.
Notes Scoreboard
(tax incl.)
Touch bezel, 5 digits in ring binder format. Numbers 0-9 on PVC panel for folding. 5 x 10 sheets, Figures 2 x red, 3 x black. Dimensions: 30 x 21cm. Plugged into a flip chart the display panel can be used as a prop.
RG-competition Area Beijing
On demand
(tax incl.)
Savannah beige, certified FIG. Substructure shock absorbing. Consisting of 121 sheets, each 125 x 125 cm, as well as equalizing plates on the upper side - these are held together by Velcro. High force reduction achieved by special foam elements. Extremely smooth, high-quality anti-static carpeting Super Veloursmit high shear strength ensures optimal training and competition conditions. Incl. red tape to the mark.