TOGU Actiroll Wave

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The Actiroll is used in the field of fascia fitness, in training and therapy. Technical data: Size M: Dimensions = approx. 30 cm length, ca.11,5 cm Ø Profile depth: approx. 0,5 cm Weight: approx. 0,9 kgSize L: Dimensions = approx. 53 cm length; approx. 23 cm Ø Profile depth: approx. 0,7 cm Weight: approx. 3 kg

Actiroll Rumble

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A new air-filled, yet hard roll that is used as a regeneration tool for self massage and relaxation. The Actiroll is used in the field of Faszienfitness in training and therapy. The included hand pump the Actiroll can be easily and continuously adjusted to different degrees of hardness.

TOGU Actiball

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The Actiball - made in Germany - is an air-filled regeneration tool for self-massage. With a diameter of approx. 9 cm, it is light and space-saving to use. The main aim of the massage using your own body weight is to relieve adhesions and tension. The specially flattened nubs allow for an even more effective and pleasant massage effect and can promote blood circulation. The Ruton material is hardened, robust and easy to clean, skin-friendly, odourless and 100% recyclable.


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The Blackroll Pro is compared zut standard roll by 50% harder and therefore a particularly intense fascial training suitable

Blackroll Mini

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The BLACKROLL® MINI is expanding its range of applications at a whole range of new applications - especially the targeted self-massage of smaller areas and muscle groups. In addition, wider roll movements You can also apply pressure or selectively stretching only in certain places - for example with rotational movements to stretch the neck. Practical for on the go!

Blackroll Duoball

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For punctual self massage, to improve mobility and to solve hardening. The material prepared from EPP is 100% recyclable. The Massage Ball is sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean. The different sizes 8 cm and 12 cm are designed specifically for the areas of the body, which can hardly or difficult to reach by conventional products.

Progym fascia role medium

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An essential tool for athletes and active people, the Progym foam roller combines functionality with efficiency to relax muscles, promote blood circulation and increase overall well-being. With a standard length of 30cm and a diameter of 15cm, this medium-hard roller is ideal for a variety of uses, from pain relief to improving mobility. Product specifications: Diameter: 15cm Length: 30cm Weight: 135g Color: Anthracite Hardness: Medium Solid structure Modern design Area of application: School sports Clubs Leisure

Nub ball hard

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Our hard nub or massage balls are designed for all types of use. The hedgehog balls are perfect for gripping or strengthening exercises as well as reflexology. Product Details: Available sizes: ø 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 cm Hard design Without valve Waterproof Robust PVC material Supplied in assorted colors according to stock Fields of application: Therapy and gymnastics Senior sports Self-massages

Fascia trainer MAROLA

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Marola XL length 60cm This dimensionally stable and robust massage roller was specially designed to release tension and adhesions in the connective tissue and to massage trigger points in a targeted manner. The structure of this roller, which consists of rounded elevations and pleasant depressions, ensures an effective self-massage.