Progym Fascia Role Medium
Progym Fascia Role Medium

Progym fascia role medium

Progym Fascia role medium, standard, length: 30 cm, diameter 15 cm average hardness.
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Progym medium fascia roller 135 gr, length: 30 cm, diameter 15 cm. Hardness: Medium. The Faszienrolle provides by pressure rolling massage and resultierndem solve adhesions of muscle fascia for pain relief and remedy of tension. In addition, the role of directly amplified during the massage, the blood circulation in the massage zone. The functional massage device for athletes and non-athletes. Application: people with complaints Faszienverhärtungen, thereby resulting tension. The massage role of Pro Gym from EPP foam produced is suitable for back, legs, calves, buttocks and shoulders. With this role you can prevent injuries, support regeneration after injuries and relieve tension.
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