Exercise Balls

BENZ Gymnastics Ball 6" Ø 16 Cm
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With its 300 g own weight, the BENZ gymnastics ball is lighter than a competition gymnastics ball, which makes it a perfect training ball for rhythmic sports gymnastics. Details: 6" Ø 16 cm Made from latex-free ruton Good bounce, ball is super elastic and anti-static Can be loaded up to 200 kg Available in 12 colours Perfect for training Made in Germany
BENZ Soft Basketball
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The BENZ soft basketball is perfect for beginners in school sports or sports for the disabled. The basketball with elephant skin has a very good bounce and is made of soft PU foam. Ø 20 cm, approx. 300 g
BENZ Bouncy Ball
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Train your body and sense of balance playfully with the BENZ bouncy ball. The popular BENZ bouncy ball is a hit not only at play parties or birthday parties, but also in school sports or in therapy. The bouncy ball is made of high-quality foam. The plastic balancing disc can be loaded up to max. 90 kg.
WV-exercise Ball
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Der WV-Gymnastikball aus hochwertigem und robusten Gummi überzeugt durch seine guten Sprungeigenschaften beim Schul- und Vereinssport. Details: 2 Größen verfügbar ø cm und ø 19 cm Aus strapazierfähigem Gummi Luftdruckregulierung durch ein Gummilippenventil
WV Bell Gymnastics Ball
Piece from 24,89 €
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The WV bell exercise ball is a sturdy all-rounder as a therapy or exercise ball for the blind and visually impaired. Details: Bell inside the ball. 2 sizes available ø 16 cm and ø 19 cm Made of durable rubber
Powerball Premium ABS
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€37.32 -20%
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ABS balls are designed in such a way that if there is an injury from the outside, the air escapes slowly at the damaged area and so the ball cannot burst - this is the anti-burst system. Pleasantly structured surface with segment division. Latex free.
Luftmatz Cover
Piece from 11,90 €
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The Luftmatz is a balloon and ball in one. The special balloon is put into the Luftmatz cover and inflated. The mouth end of the matching balloon is twisted and tucked into the flap of the cotton cover. Suitable for all ages, indoors and outdoors whether on dry land or in the water. Details: Available in 3 sizes Made from 100% cotton Very light and soft Promotes dexterity and coordination Cover washable at 30 degrees Made in Germany Delivery without balloon
Senso® Ball
(tax incl.)
With the Senso® Ball from TOGU® you can promote your body awareness and blood circulation through self-massage. Color: Amethyst ø 23 cm load capacity: approx. 200 kg rounded knobs robust ruton material with needle valve
Funny-face Ball With Fruit Smell
Piece from 5,90 €
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Funny Ball, the smell depending on the selected crop and which is symbolized by the shape and color of the nose. Soft surface, Ø 25 cm. Must be inflated with needle valve. Corresponds completely with the standard EN 71, safety of toys.
Rubberflex Grave Ball, Set Of 6, Ø 10 Cm
Set from 42,88 €
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These balls can cast because of their unique structure in different ways, rolled and caught. They are dimensionally stable, soft, flexible and infinitely durable, making it ideal for children of all ages. 6-piece set, yellow, red, blue, purple, green and orange.
Yum-Yum Ball
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Yum-Yum ball, circumference: Ø 20 cm, color: orange, weight: 300 g, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, for indoor and outdoor A great game ball for the game YUM YUM Ball. For primary schools or the leisure sector.
Redondo Ball Touch
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The Redondo-Ball Touch is a stability ball with soft nubs. It is absolutely versatile and suitable for different fitness exercises
Stack Aid Kit
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Set of 3 transparent rings, of heat and cold-resistant plastic, for large and Pezzibälle to Ø 75 cm, saving a space for storage.
BENZ Soft Soccer Ball
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The BENZ Soft soccer ball can be used mainly as a beginner's ball in school, children's or club sports. Made of soft PU foam, the soccer reduces the risk of injury. The BENZ Soft soccer ball has a Ø 20 cm and weighs 300 g. Due to its pleasant playing characteristics, the ball can be played with indoors as well as outdoors.
SensationsBell Balls Set Of 6
(tax incl.)
Through the small bells inside, the balls can be heard when rolling. Perfect accessory for school classrooms, sports for the blind and therapy area.Product Features: Set of 6 in different colors Diameter: 17,80 cm Made of PVC material 3 bells inside each ball
Gymnastics Dolly Set
(tax incl.)
The gymnastics trolley set is perfectly designed for physical education in kindergarten and school. Product features: 91-piece set with transport cart Promotes children's motor skills and coordination Offers many sport and play possibilitiesSet contents: 1x gymnastics transport trolley 12x throwing balls 12x FIG gymnastic clubs 1x rope 10 m 12x gymnastic bars 12x gymnastic balls 6" 1x gymnastic cord 10 m 4x medicine balls (each ball 800 g) 12x gymnastic hoops ø 70 cm 12x tennis rings 12x gymnastic ropes 3 m (3x each red, green, blue, yellow) 1x ball pump
Kogelan Soft-Volleyball
(tax incl.)
Ein idealer Einsteigerball für den Schulsport. Thanks to its extra soft surface, misplaced passes or body hits remain painless. Details: Size 5 Good bounce Can be used indoors and outdoors Very soft surface