Mini soft cube 76 mm

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The Mini soft cubes are a great alternative to balls for juggling. The cubes are also great fun for a variety of catch and throw games. Details: Edge length 76 mm Elastic foam with PU coating Available in two colours Washable due to the PU skin Perfect for schools, kindergartens and clubs

BENZ coated foam balls Antistress Pack

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The BENZ juggling ball set of 3 offers you a great introduction to juggling with balls at school and at the sports clubs. The set can also serve as a stress ball for relaxation.Details: Balls in BENZ Champion Soft Touch design Ø 63 mm Made of soft foam

Motoric skill balls, Set of 6

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The motoric skill ballset of 6 is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting fun and sensory experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Diabolo Vision Set

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The diabolo for professionals and beginners! With the extra wide hubs, the Vision is easier to catch and better suited for finger tricks and grindings! Even when playing vertically, the Vision is stable in the string. The Vision is therefore the optimal diabolo for professionals, but also ideal for beginners. Due to its size and weight it is very suitable for children. The transparent half shells (except black and white) are made of the same material as skater wheels and are extremely durable. The spool consists of two black hubs, between which a profiled, fully galvanized steel swivel forms the line roller. According to stock in transparent colors ice, red, yellow, green, blue, orange and solid colors black and white.Specifications: Ø 130 mm Width138 mm Weight 240 gDelivery includes handsticks

Unicycle as Hochrad

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High unicycle with chain drive and chromed steel frame. Height 150 cm. Blue anodized aluminum rim 36 holes. Black 20 "x 1.95 inch tires. Encapsulated inner bearing, blue anodized disc hub from aluminum and black plastic pedals. Minimum step length 57 cm, weight 6.65 kg.


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A traditional game of Maori in New Zealand combines dynamic movement, rhythm and visual effects. This game is very easy to learn and offers the possibility to advanced coordination and endurance training. Complete with tail of stable kite fabric, the clattering draws his lines in the air. Color on the stock.

Unicycle luxury

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The classic for beginners and advanced riders, also suitable for indoor. Flatcrown fork with two-piece dropout, powder coated. Aluminum rim, silver 36 holes. 20" x 1.95" tires, black.

Devil Stick standard

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The Devil Stick Standard is a wooden stick that tapers conically towards the center. Plastic caps at the ends prevent the wood from splintering when dropped. With this neutral Devil Stick, players can decorate their Devil Stick as they see fit, using adhesive tape or color. The Devil Stick is kept in the air and set in rotation using two plastic-coated handsticks. Specifications: Devil Stick Length: 67 cm Weight: 215 g Inner Diameter: 18 mm Outer Diameter: 36 mm Black or white knobs based on stock availability Includes booklet with tips and tricks


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consisting of: 2 set Jonglierbälle soft bean bag. 6 Jonglierbälle. 1 set juggling clubs Soft & amp; Safe. 2 Diabolo medium. 3 Juggling plate with wooden stick. 6 juggling towels. 2 set juggling rings. 1 Devil Stick. including .Anleitungen. 1 storage box.

Busch whoosh ball

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The little feel-good ball for everywhere. This juggling ball is easy to catch and hold and its numerous colourful rubber bristles are particularly appealing to the sense of touch.Made from high-quality, latex-free silicone threads that provide super-soft hand contact. Tested in accordance with toy regulation EN 71, 1-3.

Diabolo Circus Set

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The large diameter and higher weight of the Diabolo Circus give it a high rotating mass and consequently it needs to be driven less often. The robust half shells make this diabolo indestructible and meet the highest requirements. With black plastic hubs and therefore more suitable for handsticks made of aluminum. In addition, the original weight is reduced by 30 g, making it easier to play multiple diabolos. The diabolo can be converted with tuning sets. Includes polished solid aluminum handsticks with string. Colors of the diabolo and handsticks according to availability. Specifications: Ø Diabolo 130 mm Width 145 mm Weight 270 gPlastic hubsAluminum hand barsHand bars 325 mm longCord 1,6 m long

Diabolo Beach Set

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An inexpensive diabolo in a unique design. The half-shells are made of PP (polypropylene) in transparent colors. This material is also used for juggling plates. This makes the half-shells softer, but most importantly, visually superior. The axle, spool, washers, nuts and the hubs are now identical in construction to the Diabolo Circus. As a result, the weight has been reduced from 250 g to 215 g, making it suitable for the smaller players. The axial ribbing of the half shells ensures the best running properties even under the most severe deformation.Specifications: Material polypropylene Ø 120 mm Width130 mmWeight 215 gHandsticks includedColors according to availability

go book unicycle - Basics and first tricks

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gives this book - illustrated by numerous pictures - the basics of unicycling step by step. The beginner learns what to look for when ascending and at the first road tests, how to avoid dangers and recognize his mistakes and correct themselves. Even workers receive tips on how they can give beginners the best assistance.

Juggling Star Balls Set

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The juggling star balls in a set of 5 are perfect for beginners. With their latex surface and millet filling, the balls stay put when dropped. Details: Size ø 55 mm Made of latex filled with millet

Diabolo medium, red

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Inexpensive diabolo set for children and beginners. The set is made of elasticated, red polyethylene. Diameter 10 cm, width 11 cm, weight 110 grams, metal hub, complete incl. 2 rods and rope, with instructions. Age recommendation from 6 years. The comprehensive quick guide with important tips & tricks makes it particularly easy to get started. ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Long cords, risk of strangulation.

Running ball

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The walking ball is an excellent way to train your sense of balance. The ball originated in the circus and is now part of the standard equipment of jugglers and professional artists. Product features: Ø 70cm Made of unbreakable PE material For training the sense of balance Field of application: School sports Club sport Children's circus Physiotherapy

Diabolo Galaxy

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Very good running characteristics. Well suited for beginners and recreational players. Material: EVA. Ø 120 mm, height 135 mm, g Weight 200th Color on the stock.

BENZ Juggling ball set

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The BENZ juggling ball set of 3 offers you basic equipment for juggling training. Thanks to the practical carrying net, the set is ideal for exercises with children. Details Grippy balls made of soft synthetic material Synthetic granules Ø 68 mm Weight 110 g 4 coloured 3 balls in a carrying net

Diabolo Beginner

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Affordable small diabolo set for children and beginners. Diabolo is a juggling game with a high appeal. Juggling requires a lot of patience and endurance, where practice makes perfect. At the same time, concentration and skill are demanded. Specifications: Blue plastic Height: 13 cm Diameter: 10 cm Weight: 120 g 2 wooden sticks

Sensory ball set of 6

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The Rubbabu motoric ball "senses" set of 6, consisting of irresistibly fluffy and kneadable balls, is not only used for therapy purposes but also offers toddlers aged 1-6 years an exciting sense and fun experience. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Soft surface due to flocking Balls with dents, bumps, bumps, spikes and various structures to explore Promotes motor skills and sense of touch Made of natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Cigarbox Neon

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Box made of poplar plywood, neon colors on 4 sides stuck. End faces are glued for better adhesion with felt. Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 6 cm, 270 g.

Juggling plate with two-piece wooden stick

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A juggling plate with two levels of difficulty! In the bottom of the plate is an additional ring. This allows you to play the plate in two different inclined positions. Color according to stock. Specifications: Ø 250 mm Weight 110 g Colors: red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, turquoise, orange

Diabolo Kids Set

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Perfect diabolo set for kids or as "Giant Yoyo" in bright colors. Product features: Diameter: 8.2 cm width: 9,3 cm Diabolo with matching sticks Incl. booklet with tips and tricks Juggling fun for young and old Colors according to stock

Mikasa Dodgeball DGB 850

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Young children love the velvety surface of the Sport balls. They are the perfect balls for any child aged 1-6 and encourage early catching and throwing as well as hand-eye coordination. The set includes 6 different sports balls in 6 different colours - tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Details: 6 balls in bright colours. Tennis ball, rugby ball, football, basketball, golf ball and baseball ball. Soft surface thanks to fantastic material For exploring and encouraging motor skills and sense of touch Made from natural rubber foam and can be kneaded Ø 10 cm Weight 95 g per ball

Ball catching cloths set of 6

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The scarf balls are ideal for a wide variety of game ideas - whether throwing or as a bounce game, the scarf balls are versatile.Details: Set of 6 in bright colours length 27 cm, ø approx. 5 cm Combination of cotton ball and chiffon cloth Easy to catch thanks to slow flight