Foldable mini trampoline

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The portable version of the indoor trampoline. The space saver can be folded up small and stowed in a nylon bag. 44 springs, frame padding blue, jumping mat black. 8 feet, load 100 kg, weight 9.5 kg. Delivery in a box for self-assembly.

Trimilin® Sports

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Trampoline Ø 102 cm. Enables high running frequency, and fast dynamic movements. Recommended for endurance training and aerobics. Particularly permanent suspension in the frame. Special plastic eyelets prevent the hard spring steel destroyed the frame. Optimal jumping at 50 - kg 125th Low ground distance of about 26 cm.

Trimilin® Med Trampoline

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Ø 102 cm, is recommended to a body weight of about 40 - 100 kg (36 steel springs). Color the jumping mat black or blue, silver edge reference. Trimilin Med Plus is also equipped with comfortable folding feet. Weight 11 kg, ground clearance approx 24 cm.

Trimilin® Pro

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Optimal jumping at a body weight of 50 - 170 kg kg (48 steel springs). Color the jumping mat black, silver edge reference. Trimilin Pro Plus is also equipped with comfortable folding feet. Ø 102 cm, 24 cm ground clearance, weight 12 kg.

Trimilin® Swing

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Trimilin Swing is equipped with rubber cable, is therefore on the characteristic slightly softer, has a longer suspension travel and is particularly suitable in sensitive individuals of the spine and joints. The trampoline is also suitable for very low body weight.

Trampoline Fun mat

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cm with a central recess for trampoline Ø 102nd The mat has a Polyetherschaumkern and a PVC coating. 2-piece design for connection by means of Velcro. Trampoline is not included.

Mini trampoline

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Mini trampoline with colored frame upholstery and black jumping mat. Screwed feet. Delivery in pieces for self-assembly. To strengthen the muscles of the body or just for fun at home.