Swing Cloth

Schwungtuch game cloth Bambino Ø 3.5 m

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Schwungtuch Spieltuch Bambino Ø 3.5 m, multi-colored (red / green / blue / yellow), 0.57 kg maximum load capacity. 10 kg 100% polyester, with handles 8, with power in the middle, stable handles and seams ensure a long life, suitable for different games group

Schwungtuch with target circles

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The swing cloth offers a variety of uses and guaranteed fun. Details: Ø: 5 m 8 handles double stitched with the edging tape Made of robust Dacron polyester fabric Incl. packing bag

Schwungtuch starry sky

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Fascinating giant parachute in the night sky design. Made of highly durable Dacron polyester fabric. The handles are attached to the double sewn bindings. The center opening allows easy swing.

Schwungtuch in rainbow colors

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Schwungtuch with 5 m diameter in 6 rainbow colors. The elegantly tailored 12 panels, made of very durable Dacron polyester fabric, impart a swirling impression will be reinforced by a rotational movement in the game.

Schwungtuch Smiley

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The funny face and bright yellow color exude good humor while playing with this parachute. Made of highly durable Dacron polyester fabric. The handles are attached to the double sewn bindings. The right parachute for children sports groups with a good price performance ratio.

Schwungtuch with target holes

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With practice and skill the ball rolls into the specific target hole, the eye-hand coordination promotes. 12 handles, sewn target holes and printed figures offer additional game option.

Book - The parachute as movement instrument

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Games - Suggestions - backgrounds. On 50 pages with illustrations in color here learn how to deal with the momentum towels. How they can be used in the educational work in day care centers and schools. For games theoretical information.


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Parachute cloth made of nylon, on the edge with handles, in the middle a hole with cord closure. Ideally Group's products for active games in kindergarten, the elderly or infirm or for therapeutic applications.

SwingFun Set

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Create a variety for games with swing cloths by using the BENZ SwingFun set. This set not only contains a wide variety of throwing objects, but also provides instructions for playing with the swing cloth. Set contents 2x beach ball (Ø approx. 50 cm) 10 perforated balls (5x red, 5x white) 4x foam ball 1x Goalball bell ball 3x game fish 4x bean bags (15 x 10 cm in red/yellow/blue/green) 1x dice (16 cm edge length) 1x game instructions 1x transport bag

Schwungtuch with windows

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are parachute sewn with windows in rainbow colors in the large, transparent mesh fabric. This opens up many other game variations - even under the parachute. Made of highly durable Dacron polyester fabric. 18 Handles on double sewn bindings.