Table Tennis Racquets

Training bat BE 30

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Training bats with playability, pimples inside mm to 1.8 sponge, concave grip, 5-fold laminated wood with ITTF approved coating.

BENZ table tennis bat BE40

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The BENZ table tennis bat BE40 Carbon is a bat for advanced, attack-oriented recreational players. The carbon inlay reduces disturbing vibrations and enables fast, hard topspins, a powerful attacking game and controlled counters. The 7 layers of the racket are composed as follows: Wenge wood / Carbon / Ayous wood / Paulownia wood / Ayous wood / Carbon / Wenge wood. The ITTF certified rubber is very durable and retains its grip even after long playing time. These features make it a TOP racket for school, club and leisure. The BENZ BE40 Carbon offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio in this version. Specifications: Selected woods with carbon inlay Concave handle 2 mm sponge Durable rubber (ITTF) with internal pimples Pad colour black / orange

BENZ Table Tennis School Set Beginner

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The BENZ table tennis school set Beginner is designed for school sports. The entry-level bats make it easy for children and young people to get to know table tennis and gain experience. Set contents: 12 x BENZ BE 20 table tennis bats with 1,5 mm sponge 144 x BENZ training balls Ø 40 mm in PVC ball bag 1 x BENZ bat bag

BENZ table tennis all weather set

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BENZ table tennis rackets weather SET. Each one racket red and black and 6 balls. The ideal leisure rackets Set for outdoor use. Weatherproof, extremely robust and easy to play with.

BENZ TT racket bag

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The BENZ TT racket bag is designed for secure storage and easy transport of up to 14 table tennis rackets.Details: For approx. 14 table tennis bats Dimensions (W x L x H): 20 x 25.5 x 32 cm Delivery without contents For schools and clubs

DONIC table tennis set Fetzner 400 FSC

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The DONIC Fetzner 400 set is a valuable table tennis set in reasonable recreational quality, also for school sports. Included are 2 bats level 400 with an ITTF approved Jade rubber with pimples inside (smooth surface). Under the rubber is a 1.6 mm thick sponge, which gives the racket a certain amount of self-acceleration, but at the same time enough ball control for recreational play. This racket clearly focuses on ball control. The rackets are made of FSC certified wood. This wood comes from sustainable forest management and not from overexploitation. Also included in the set is a box of 3 Schildkröt 1* balls (2 x white, 1 x yellow) , 40 mm, in the new poly quality. The 1* is a very good ball quality for recreational sets! The complete set is packed in a hanging box.

Tischtennisschläger PROTECTION S400

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Tischtennisschläger mit konkavem Griff. Das Protect-Edge-Tape sorgt für Schutz der Schlägerkante. Durch den ergonomischen Griff liegt der Schläger viel besser in der Hand und ist für ein kontrolliertes Spiel ausgelegt. 1,2 mm Jade-Belag. ITTF Standard.

Tischtennisschläger PROTECTION S500

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Tischtennisschläger mit konkavem Griff. Durch den ergonomischen Griff liegt der Schläger viel besser in der Hand und ist für ein kontrolliertes Spiel ausgelegt. Der S500 bietet mehr Speed und mehr Spin als der S400. 1,5 mm Jade-Belag. ITTF Standard.

BENZ TT Competition Rackets Set of 2

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The BENZ competition table tennis bat set of 2 is designed for the ambitious club player and the competition game. The BENZ BE 40 Carbon table tennis racket provides optimal playing conditions for cut and spin variations during play.Set contents: 2x BENZ BE 40 Carbon TT racket with 2.0 mm rubber (ITTF certified). 1x box of 3 BENZ TT competition balls Ø 40 mm

BENZ tabletennis schoolset Advanced

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The BENZ TT School Set Advanced is suitable for school sports with advanced players. The BENZ BE 30 table tennis racket with IFFT certified sponge is perfect for the all-round player.Set contents: 12 x BENZ BE 30 table tennis bat 1.8 mm sponge 1x BENZ ball bag with 144 TT team balls Ø 40 mm 1x BENZ bat bag

BENZ Table Tennis Trainingset

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The BENZ table tennis trainingset beginner is the perfect set for larger group in school and club. With the all-round racket it is optimal for a quick training or school sports.Set contents: 12x BENZ BE 30 table tennis racket with 1,8 mm sponge 1x BENZ box of 50 table tennis competition balls Ø 40 mm 1x BENZ table tennis bat bag

BENZ Table tennis competition racket set carbon

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The BENZ competition set Carbon is designed for competitions in schools and clubs and for ambitious, advanced players during training. The set includes 6 high-quality BENZ BE 40 rackets with carbon inlay, which eliminates annoying vibrations during play. The rackets with ITTF certified rubber, internal pimples and 2 mm sponge are very durable and retain their good grip even after long use. The set is completed by 6 ITTF certified KINGNIK *** competition balls (2 x 3 pack). Set composition: 6 x BENZ BE 40 table tennis rackets6 x KINGNIK *** table tennis balls, ITTF certifiedSpecifications BENZ BE 40:Carbon inlay for less vibrations 7-layer construction with selected woods 2 mm sponge for very good ball control ITTF certified rubber with internal pimples Outstanding racket in this price range Surface retains its good grip even after long playing time

JOOLA Table Tennis Set Vivid Outdoor

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The JOOLA VIVID Outdoor table tennis set with two robust and weatherproof bats in a modern design! The rubberized grip of the outdoor bat VIVID is very comfortable in the hand and gives the player a safe feeling at all times. The included extra heavy outdoor balls maintain a controlled trajectory even in difficult wind conditions, thus increasing the fun of the game. Thanks to the special surface structure, the racket is particularly durable and able to generate rotation even at an advanced age without any problems. With the racket cover JOOLA Pocket Double, the set can be transported and stored comfortably at any time. Decide for one of the two color-separated rackets and challenge your opponent to an outdoor duel!

BENZ Competition Set Carbon

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The BENZ Table Tennis Competition Set Carbon is perfectly suitable for the school tournament or the competition in the club. The 8 high-quality BENZ BE 40 bats have been combined with 3 packs of 50 ITTF certified competition balls and a spacious bat bag. The BENZ BE 40 rackets with carbon inlay allow fast, hard topspins, a powerful attacking game and controlled counters. The rackets are constructed of 7 layers, have a 2 mm thick sponge and internal pimples. The rubber of the racket BENZ BE 40 is ITTF certified. Specifications: 8 rackets BENZ BE 40 7-layer structure with ITTF certified surface 150 *** ITTF certified competition ballsBENZ Racket bag (w x l x h) 20 x 25,5 x 32 cm