Donic-Schildkröt Table Tennis Set Fetzner 400 FSC
Donic-Schildkröt Table Tennis Set Fetzner 400 FSC

DONIC table tennis set Fetzner 400 FSC

The DONIC Fetzner 400 set is a valuable table tennis set in reasonable recreational quality, also for school sports. Included are 2 bats level 400 with an ITTF approved Jade rubber with pimples inside (smooth surface). Under the rubber is a 1.6 mm thick sponge, which gives the racket a certain amount of self-acceleration, but at the same time enough ball control for recreational play. This racket clearly focuses on ball control. The rackets are made of FSC certified wood. This wood comes from sustainable forest management and not from overexploitation. Also included in the set is a box of 3 Schildkröt 1* balls (2 x white, 1 x yellow) , 40 mm, in the new poly quality. The 1* is a very good ball quality for recreational sets! The complete set is packed in a hanging box.
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