Special Offers

Special Offers

Unfortunately, despite careful stocks, it can happen that a promotional item is sold out faster than expected. Therefore, we do not guarantee delivery. The following applies: only while stocks last.

Handball, Ultimate SELECT

Piece from 54,81 €
€78.30 -30%
(tax incl.)
The official World Cup Handball by 2011. Handball class of soft and extremely durable synthetic leather. The Ultimate is a light and lively ball but his ZeroWing- bladder ensures that it is always in balance and remains controllable for the player. The ball falls perfectly to hand - with or without resin. IHF-approved. ""

NeoFlitzer disc

€14.90 -20%
(tax incl.)
The NeoFlitzer throwing disc convinces with its fantastic flight characteristics. It is made of neoprene and can be used indoors, outdoors, in the water, simply everywhere. Easy to throw and catch. SALE! Specifications: Ø approx. 21 cm Soft neoprene - no risk of injury Surface washable Ideally suited for all agesMade in GermanyColour according to stock ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age!

Scooter Jumbo

€95.90 -10%
(tax incl.)
Last items in stock
High-quality rollerball pen-green, aluminum alloy, with 100 kg load capacity and rear friction brake. Safe folding mechanism. Foldable, height adjustable handlebar of 72 - cm 98th Length about 98 cm, tread approx 33 x 11 cm. Roles of cast PU, ball bearings ABEC 5 Carbon Steel, wheels with 200 mm. Weight 4.0 kg. Package dimensions: 90 x 33 x 1050 mm.

Powerball Premium ABS

Piece from 29,85 €
€37.32 -20%
(tax incl.)
Last items in stock
ABS balls are designed in such a way that if there is an injury from the outside, the air escapes slowly at the damaged area and so the ball cannot burst - this is the anti-burst system. Pleasantly structured surface with segment division. Latex free.

Coordination ladder, double, 9 m

€48.90 -20%
(tax incl.)
Versatile training aid made of weatherproof plastic. 20 sliding rungs 47 cm wide, 9 m long. Can be rolled out and rolled up quickly for running and sprinting exercises. Several conductors can be clipped together using connecting clips at the end. Supplied with carry bag. SALE!

Handball, Ultimate SELECT

Piece from 62,64 €
€78.30 -20%
(tax incl.)
Last items in stock
The official World Cup Handball by 2011. Handball class of soft and extremely durable synthetic leather. The Ultimate is a light and lively ball but his ZeroWing- bladder ensures that it is always in balance and remains controllable for the player. The ball falls perfectly to hand - with or without resin. IHF-approved. ""

Gym-Mat Body 140 x 60 x 1,5cm

Piece from 29,67 €
€34.90 -15%
(tax incl.)
Last items in stock
A gym mat is part of the basic equipment for gymnastic exercises, fitness training and yoga.Details: 1,5 cm thick Available colours: black For use in the studio and at home Excellent cushioning properties Flat and non-slipSALE! While stocks last!

BENZ snow slide

Piece from 7,73 €
€9.66 -20%
(tax incl.)
BENZ snow slide; blue dimensions: 56.5 * 38 cm, weight 220 g. Slipping fun for young and old. The snow slide ensures lots of fun and exercise in the snow. Thanks to the wide seat, the children have enough space to sit even in their thickest snowsuit. The large handle, which children can easily grip with both hands, ensures a secure hold.

Molten UEFA Europa League 2020 / 2021

€99.00 -20%
(tax incl.)
Molten Europa League 2020 / 2021 match ball is based on the latest ACENTEC technology. The unique technology minimizes water absorption , provides a consistent shape, resulting in a higher level of play. The textured surface and special coating improves ball control and allows more precise passes and shots. SALE Specifications: Size 5 Official match ball of the Europa League 2020 / 2021 PU Leather32 Panel Construction Colour white / orange FIFA Quality ProRange of application: Competition Club

Aerobic Step

€72.99 -25%
(tax incl.)
A small platform has taken the fitness world! You step to the beat of funky music, increase the rhythm, increase the pace without being breathless. Dimensions: (L x B x H) 65.5 x 40.5 x 13.5 and 18 cm (height adjustable by blocks).

Handball Future

Piece from 16,50 €
€22.00 -25%
(tax incl.)
For training and competition. Made of soft synthetic leather with an additional soft substructure for soft ball contact. Good bounce and flight characteristics and a very grippy surface features of the ball

Kit Fit'us barbell

Piece from 121,09 €
(tax incl.)
Last items in stock
Specially designed for the training system in studios and clubs. Barbell bar Ø 28 mm, 130 cm long, equipped with rubber-lined steel washers and 2 spring brakes. Weight kg of the rod with the spring brakes. 1

Handball, premium

Piece from 17,50 €
€25.00 -30%
(tax incl.)
Top competition ball made of 100% PU material with a special surface lamination for a fantastic grip. Very soft, comfortable ball contact thanks to an additional foam lamination. Manufactured according to the specifications of the IHF.

Diabolo Galaxy

€19.40 -20%
(tax incl.)
Very good running characteristics. Well suited for beginners and recreational players. Material: EVA. Ø 120 mm, height 135 mm, g Weight 200th Color on the stock.


(tax incl.)
Easily expandable expander with textile-covered rubber cord and handle balls at each end. The mini-expander with the slightly larger grip balls designed specifically for the promotion areas motor skills, rhythm, balance training, finger and foot training and is ideal for use in children's gymnastics, school sports, psychomotor, therapy, rehabilitation and club gymnastics. In the senior gymnastics Mini-Expander is a like used part of the exercise therapy. By the resistance of the rubber cord elasticity and mobility of the muscles can be restored selectively. Total length about 90 cm.

Marker cones hurdles set

€42.90 -20%
(tax incl.)
This Hürdenset consists of 20 Marker Cones 10 and barrier rods (1 m length). The Marker Cones with a height of 15 cm and a diameter of 30 cm are made of flexible plastic (10 x yellow, red 10 x) and are thus very strong and flexible. The shrouds are provided at the top with recesses and thus can be combined with the 10 hurdle rods fast becoming a mini-hurdles system combine.



Possibilities over possibilities

At BENZ there are a multitude of opportunities to equip your sports facility in the sale, from private home fitness to gymnastics rooms to sports halls with inexpensive sports equipment. Find heavily discounted items in our diverse categories and save your budget and wallet.

Especially in the rapidly and fast changing area of ​​gymnastics and fitness equipment, long-awaited and required sports equipment can be found at reduced prices and even real bargains. It's worth it and there is still the opportunity to get real discounts.

Discover at BENZ:

Balls Gymnastics Leisure
Referee equipment Athletics Martial arts
Swimming Climbing Objects equipment
Team-sport First Aid Playground equipment
Textbooks - Specialist books Fitness equipment Training aids
Gymnastics Raquet sports

Inexpensive sports equipment for everyone and suitable for every season. High quality special offers with many discounted products. High-quality, first-class items from absolute top brands.

SALE and factory outlet

By equipping national and international sporting events such as European athletics championships, athletics world championships, national gymnastics festivals, indoor / & outdoor events, there is always the possibility of new and partly new sports equipment with minimal signs of use (for example magnesia on a uneven bar), which maybe some time ago they were too expensive to buy, but now the used items are available at unbeatable fair prices. From pole vaulting mats to jumping horses, jumping tables and mats, to gymnastics items and balls, there is a special offer and product for everyone.

Please note that our special offers / SALE articles are high demanded and limited 

These sports equipment are offers! 

High-quality sports equipment, equipment and aids have their price. In the category sports equipment offers Benz Sport has compiled for you equipment whose price has been reduced for various reasons. This has no influence on quality and safety! 

In a nutshell: What you can expect in this article 

What sports equipment offers are available at Benz Sport? 

This is quite different. Every now and then individual pieces of equipment are no longer produced, then we move these sports equipment into the offers. We can provide you with the individual pieces at a lower price in order to get space in our warehouse. Also seasonal goods can be found towards the end of the season as an offer. 

For whom are sports equipment offers interesting? 

Benz Sport usually equips schools and clubs, kindergartens, public facilities and private institutions. Sports equipment and aids are basically of very high quality, often even competition standard. You can see this in the prices. Sports equipment offers include equipment that is currently reduced in price. This is especially interesting for private persons who are looking for high quality and professional sports equipment. But of course, school authorities, clubs, medical institutions and all other institutions can also order from us. 

Are there any quality problems with the sports equipment offers? 

No, the quality of our sports equipment is impeccable. If equipment does not meet our high requirements, it is immediately removed from the range. Of course, we would never sell you such inadequate or defective specimens. Our sports equipment offers meet our usual standards in terms of materials, workmanship, quality and safety. 


  • Remaining stock, seasonal goods, discontinued models: take advantage of sports equipment offers!
  • Attractive offers for schools and clubs as well as private customers
  • Benz Sport stands for quality - sports equipment offers are no exception
  • Buy sports equipment and gear online: Great selection, great service
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Remaining stock, seasonal goods, discontinued models: Take advantage of sports equipment offers! 

Swimsuits are best bought at the end of summer, ski equipment is cheap at the beginning of spring. At least that is the truism. Why is that? The explanation is quite simple: warehouses cost rent. So merchandise that stays in storage until next year tends to be extremely expensive. Because large warehouses logically cost more rent than small warehouses. That's why Benz Sport, like other retailers, tries to get rid of seasonal merchandise as completely as possible by the end of the season. For you as a customer, this has advantages: you buy at a particularly low price. 

However, we also reduce sports equipment for other reasons. Benches for the changing areas, medicine balls and stopwatches are not bound to one season. Sports equipment is subject to fashionable developments. That's why every now and then we take equipment out of the assortment and replace it with other equipment. However, the remaining stock is not destroyed. The equipment has not gone bad just because we produce it in a different color or with a small additional label in the future. You can get these sports equipment at a lower price. And as long as our stocks are still sufficient, you will of course get spare parts for the sports equipment offers. 

Attractive offers for schools and clubs as well as private customers 

Our sports equipment offers are particularly attractive for private customers. Here you can get professional equipment at low prices. So if you want to re-equip your fitness cellar at home, are looking for a very special gift for friends or have always shied away from sports for fear of the costs, there is no excuse now. 

Thematically, there are no restrictions. Everything that we think has spent enough time in our stocks and should discover the wide world will eventually be placed in the offers. That's why schools and clubs can find inexpensive sports equipment and hall equipment here. From juggling supplies to sports books to therapy materials, you can find it all in this category. Maybe you want to gift your youth club with a foosball table? Sports equipment deals are your chance! 

Please keep in mind that we cannot update our online store in real time. Sometimes it happens that a sports equipment offer is still displayed in the store, although it has been sold out for several minutes. After all, our stocks are limited. 

Benz Sport stands for quality - sports equipment offers are no exception. 

Benz Sport has been manufacturing sports and gymnastics equipment as a family-run business since 1907. We still maintain our own production facilities here in Winnenden. Sports equipment from our company is of high quality and meets all applicable safety regulations. And this also applies to our sports equipment offers. 

Not all items in our range come from our own production. Some things we buy in. The reason is simple: You expect us to equip you comprehensively. We expect ourselves to be able to fulfill all your wishes. If there is a product from another manufacturer in sufficient quality on the market, we include it in our assortment. This is especially important when new sports equipment is still associated with patent rights. 

Buy sports equipment and gear online: Great selection, great service 

Buying sports equipment is a matter of trust. You need to be able to rely on robust materials and solid workmanship so that you don't injure yourself. At the same time, equipment for schools and clubs, gyms and rehab facilities takes up a lot of space, so a local specialty retailer never actually has enough display space. Our solution is the online store. You assemble your sports equipment from the comfort of your own home, and we take care of transport and assembly. Our own fleet of trucks is on the road with our assembly teams all over Germany. This is also sustainable (for you as well as for us), because it allows us to reach you without having to maintain a store in every city. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

What kind of sports equipment is suitable for home use? 

Anything that you can use without professional instruction is suitable for use at home. So it doesn't depend on the sports equipment whether you can use it at home, but on your previous training. Some people put a treadmill in the living room instead of a TV chair, others build their own bouldering room in the basement. Whatever you like is allowed. To get started with a fitness program, however, we recommend small purchases such as a skipping rope, yoga equipment or pull-up bar. 

When will fitness equipment become cheaper again? 

Fitness equipment is currently a bit more expensive. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, due to the pandemic, production facilities are always at a standstill, so that we simply cannot offer you any equipment. On the other hand, so-called semiconductor chips have become extremely expensive in recent months. These chips are not only installed in office computers, but also in the training computers of treadmills, bicycle ergometers and rowing machines. And then there is the boom we are experiencing in the private segment: we have never had so many orders as in 2020 and 2021. Our production is overloaded, our inventories depleted. We cannot predict when the situation will ease. 

What fitness equipment is best for the abdomen? 

It is not serious to simply recommend a fitness machine for the abdomen. Because we don't know how trained you are currently. Some fitness equipment can be used well without prior experience and even at a very low fitness level, while others require a higher level of training. Get professional advice before you buy any equipment. This will minimize the risk of injury and maximize your chances of success. Feel free to contact us! Once we know more about their health level, we can also make recommendations.