Everything for climbing and slacklining.

Starting with climbing harnesses, climbing ropes, climbing holds up to complete climbing systems, bouldering walls, everything about slacklining and all accessories.

therapeutic trowel

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the different types of grasping, in this large climbing holds, through different grip positions possible. Due to its dimensions and the associated lever arm action of Velcro grip is only approved for bouldering walls. Available in red, yellow, green, blue or black (please specify when ordering).

harness Simba

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Full body adjustable for children. For children aged 5-10 years with less than 40 kg. Shoulder straps and leg straps are adjustable. Two-tone webbing inside black, colored outside. Easy to put on. Double roping, double back-adjustment buckles. Weight 390 g, CE, EN 12277 type B, UIAA 105th

Tuber descender

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Descender of the new generation. Forged aluminum, increases the braking force. For use only with certified climbing ropes. Rope diameter 8.5-11 mm, weight: 70 g

Climbing basic safety set

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Set composition: 1 x Mammut 10.1 Gym Station Classic Rope 18 m 2 x Singingrock Climbing harness (2 sizes) 1 x Singingrock HMS Carabiner bora, 64 g1 x Singingrock Tuber1 x Climbing Handle Assembly Key

Climbing module MTM-07 2.5 x 6 m, 75 Klettergriffe

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With obliquely upward verlaufendem overhang at the center semicircular discontinued, with a total of 2.3 m overhang depth. Plywood with sand-resin surface. Including 2 pieces single top rope Backups sheet MTM-07 12 572. 2.5 x 6 m according to DIN EN, 75 climbing holds.

Climbing module MTM-07 2.5 x 7 m, 90 Klettergriffe

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With obliquely upward verlaufendem overhang at the center semicircular discontinued, with a total of 2.3 m overhang depth. Plywood with sand-resin surface. Including 2 pieces single top rope Backups sheet MTM-07 12 572. 2.5 x 7 m according to DIN EN, 90 climbing holds

Climbing module MTM-07 2.5 x 8 m, 105 Klettergriffe

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With obliquely upward verlaufendem overhang at the center semicircular discontinued, with a total of 2.3 m overhang depth. Plywood with sand-resin surface. Including 2 pieces single top rope fuses according sheet MTM-07 to DIN EN 12 572. 2.5 x 8 m, 105 climbing holds.

Mobile climbing wall Roll and Boulder

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The mobile Boulder wall for training and Schulbereich.16 wall elements 200 cm high, 120 cm wide, with cm in a grid of 25 x 25 drilled threaded sleeves for climbing holds. The bores are arranged so as to climb over is restricted. Each climbing element is equipped with brake rollers. The facility has a footprint of 550 x 550cm.

Climbing wall plate set for the niche rear wall

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Climbing wall plate set for the alcove back wall, for covering the wall bars niche rear wall consisting of natural colored plywood boards, 18 mm thick, the plates are fitted in the 20-cm-hole pattern with threaded sleeves for the installation of climbing grips.

Balancing act at dizzying heights: Buy climbing equipment! 

An excellent sense of balance, good eyesight, body coordination and patience - climbing promotes many skills. The slackline is one of them in the base camp, because it also trains these skills. Buy climbing equipment at Benz Sport! 

In a nutshell: What you can expect in this article 

Why should I buy climbing equipment? 

Climbing has already been an Olympic sport for some time. Therefore, schools can no longer avoid teaching the trendy sport. Climbing trains hand-eye coordination, strengthens muscles, promotes motor skills and balance. Spatial awareness is developed, as is the correct assessment of one's own physical abilities. 

What climbing equipment does Benz Sport carry? 

Benz Sport carries wall elements, screw sets and climbing holds. This offer is aimed at schools and kindergartens as well as clubs and private individuals. Accessories are also available at Benz Sport: climbing harnesses, ropes and magnesia, belay devices and carabiners are important for climbers. 

Who is the climbing equipment at Benz Sport aimed at? 

As a family-run company, Benz Sport has been equipping institutions and clubs as well as private individuals since 1907. However, to be fair, we have to admit that not everything in the climbing equipment category comes from our own production. Ropes, slacklines, climbing harnesses and carabiners can be produced by the respective specialized companies better than our production facilities in Baden- Württemberg could manage. We trust in the well-known brands in the range and provide you with the climbing equipment that we ourselves rate as trustworthy and high quality. 


  • Trend sport climbing - why in school? 
  • Building and designing a climbing wall 
  • Jumping height or all the way up? Belay! 
  • The all-around is part of it: Acrobatics, slackline, finger strength 
  • Benz Sport: We can do sports! 
  • Buying climbing equipment is a matter of trust - especially on the Internet. 
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Trend sport climbing - why at school? 

Sport climbing and bouldering are sports that have become a mass phenomenon in Germany since about 2010. Bouldering is climbing at jumping height. It does not involve climbing up a 20- or 30-meter-high steep wall with an overhang, but only to heights of 3.50 to 4 meters at the most. Climbing equipment (apart from climbing shoes) is not required for this. Since then, such low climbing elements or boulder can be found in halls, on playgrounds and even in the gymnasium of many schools. Climbing is physically and mentally demanding. The sport supports the natural development of young people and is fun. So there's nothing to stop the sport of climbing, which has now become an Olympic sport, from being taught in institutional classes. 

Building and designing a climbing wall 

You want to build a climbing wall to allow children, teens and adults to climb at your facility. What climbing equipment will you purchase? 

You will need wall segments to which the climbing holds will be bolted. The wall segments are made of multiplex boards with a rough coating and drill holes at predetermined intervals. In these holes you screw the climbing holds, which you ideally buy in a set. The necessary screws are also available from Benz Sport. If you are building a bouldering area, you will still need soft mats as fall protection on the floor. If you want to build a high climbing wall, you will need ropes and fixed points for the ropes. Our staff will be happy to advise you! 

Jumping height or high up? Secure! 

If you are not climbing at jumping height, the climbers must be secured. For this purpose, they wear a climbing harness, which is designed as a hip belt, for example, depending on the requirements. For children and people with less body tension, a complete set is useful, which automatically ensures an upright posture in the event of a fall. The climbing rope is attached either by special knots or by two carabiners twisted against each other in the front of the climbing harness. In so-called top-rope climbing, the rope is already firmly installed on the wall. In lead climbing, the climber takes the rope up himself or herself and repeatedly hooks it into intermediate belays. In both cases, it is important that another person stands on the ground and holds the other end of the rope. If the climber falls, the rope should break the fall. Because such a force in the rope can't be stopped with bare hands, there are the belay devices. Abseiling eights, tubers and the so-called semi-automatic devices ensure safety on the climbing wall. Clubs usually provide their members with climbing equipment for a rental fee. 

The trappings are part of it: Acrobatics, slackline, finger strength. 

Sport climbing requires agility, balance and finger strength. Of course, you train that best while climbing! You learned to walk while running, not with some weird substitute movements. Still, when climbing, the trappings are important. Because after three hours on the climbing wall your fingers hurt, your skin is scraped and irritated, but your feet still want to go on, there is a slackline in almost every climbing gym. It can run quite flat on a rack just above the ground, but can also be stretched at a height of one meter or even higher. It is impossible to imagine schools and clubs without the slackline anyway. 

If you watch children, you immediately see what the appeal of the slackline is: Sitting on it and swinging is still quite easy. Laying on it on your stomach without falling off is more challenging. The most courageous walk across it. And if you really want to know, you can squat down or try a little jump. Body awareness and balance are trained on the slackline. Finger strength, on the other hand, is trained with spring handles, which you press together with 10, 20 or even 40 kilograms of pressure. 

Benz Sport: We can do sports! 

Since 1907 and now in the fourth generation of family management, Benz Sport has been supplying schools, communities and clubs as well as private individuals throughout Germany with sports equipment and devices. Many of the products in our range we manufacture ourselves, here in Germany and under German quality standards. Others we buy from well-known manufacturers. Climbing equipment is no exception: climbing harnesses, belay devices and ropes, wall segments and climbing holds are all available from us in the highest quality. 

Buying climbing equipment is a matter of trust - especially on the Internet. 

Especially when climbing, you need to trust the material that secures you. How trustworthy is an online store? The question is justified, because of course you can not check the quality of the items you order from us in advance. Climbing equipment you buy from us from reputable manufacturers. These are brands that you know from the climbing scene and that host tournaments and competitions. By the way, we do not only deliver our wall segments and climbing holds, but we also assemble them at your site. The same applies to the slackline facilities. You do not need to take care of anything. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

How much does a complete climbing equipment cost? 

The personal climbing equipment you buy together slowly over the years. In the beginning it is enough to invest about 80 to 200 Euros in a pair of good climbing shoes. That's all you need for bouldering. If you want to climb the wall, you will also need a harness (40 to 150 euros), a belay device (Tuber from about 20 euros, semi-automatic between 60 and 120 euros). Chalk and chalk bag (together about 30 euros), ropes (depending on length and quality), rope bags and crashpad (from 200 euros) come later. In the beginning you will borrow quite a lot from the club or climbing hall. 

What belongs to a climbing equipment? 

If you want to boulder, you really only need shoes. Chalk is optional and banned in many climbing gyms because of the dust it creates. If you are climbing on the wall, you will also need a climbing harness, belay device and carabiners, as well as a solid course that teaches you firstly how to belay and secondly the basics of climbing. Later, ropes, rope bags and brushes, chalk and chalk bag, and other materials can complete your climbing equipment. 

What do you need to keep in mind when climbing indoors? 

Always get instruction if you have never climbed before. It is a matter of your own safety. Please follow the instructions of the hall staff. 

Is climbing a good sport? 

Definitely yes!