Safety Nets Facilities

Outdoor support posts

(tax incl.)
The posts can be directly concreted in or attached by means of a bottom sleeve (Item No. 40514). Post spacing about 5 m. Incl. Mounting hardware.

diagonal strut

(tax incl.)
mm Alurundrohr Ø 50, for Abstreben the outside of the post (for reasons of stability essential). Incl. Mounting hardware.

Turnbuckle M 10

(tax incl.)
M turnbuckle 10. One side of eyelet, a hook side, with 3 mm cable clamps for rope Ø 4, galvanized. Without a rope.

Knotless nets

from 3,90 €
(tax incl.)
High strength, without knots. Price per square meter. Charge For protection network order: Plus 20% less than 20 square meters per power, plus 35% less than 10 square meters per network, Plus 100% less than 5 square meters per network