Swimmping Pool Accessories

Wellenkiller Leine Jumbo

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Wave Killer Line Jumbo. The floating elements are made of polypropylene and are resistant to UV rays and weathering. Each wave-breaking element is equipped with a fixed float. Both ends of the line start with 5 m of red breakwaters, followed by blue and white ones alternating over a length of 37 cm each. Black elements are placed every 15 m, the middle is marked with red elements. The competition lines are produced in accordance with the applicable regulations and accident prevention provisions of the FIN / FINA rules.


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Invalids-lift, hand winch operation. Pivotally, mounted in the bottom sleeve, removable. Exemplary entirely of stainless steel, material 1.4301. Load up to 110 kg.

Stoptec stopwatch 490

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This spill-proof, shock-resistant watch is particularly interesting to work for swimming and rowing trainer to the power and high-performance sports. The race control function and the possibility of strokes measurements in a display, perform parallel to the current time is here particularly user-friendly possible.


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Lifebuoy foam with plastic cover red / white and 10 mm handle leash. For the swimming pool and rescue equipment. Corresponds to provisions in the recreational marine environment. Load capacity 9.0 daN.

Material storage car

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The car is very very stable, temperature-resistant and ideal for wet locations. Can also be used for other sporting goods. Ideal for swimming pools, gymnasiums, health clubs Dimensions: 120 x 93 x 70 cm (W) movable on 4 plastic / rubber castors with 2 brakes Simple cleaning

Combined material storage car

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The uppermost tray is provided with two side parts (15 cm high) for the ball bearing 21 and plastic hooks. The lower floor can accommodate three containers 60 x 40 x 43 cm (not included). The open design ensures good ventilation, therefore no formation of mold or mildew stains. Dimensions: 138 x 175 x 60 cm (W) bottom space: 20 cm intermediate height: 55/70 cm Number suspension hook 21 material: plastic profiles 4 plastic castors, 2 with brake storage boxes not included

Aluminum floating rope carriage (disassembled)

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Lane ropes Dolly, aluminum separable, for 4 special Cap 25 m by 100 mm Ø or 8 Cap 25 m of the conventional ball design. Access baths track-free and smooth-running wheels. Transport by tilting to the wheels. Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.4 x 1.35 m. Reel Ø 1.15 m. Surface Aluminum natural blank. The car is delivered disassembled.

Start linen Holder

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Polished plate with suspension slot for start linen, made of stainless steel. Including wall anchors to be concreted in pool wall.

False start rope

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For false start system, a Hostalenkugel per meter plastic canvas, red and white alternately. When ordering please indicate pool width.

Suction cup

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Flax fixation. Aluminum plate mounting bracket and clamping lever for linen on smooth 12 x 12 cm large areas.