Diving Articles


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Anatomical snorkel tube Nazi mouthpiece and integrated snorkel holder, comfortable to wear, neon colors.

Diving Mask Junior Piranha ""

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for children. Elastic face shell and headband made of PVC. Color: blue polycarbonate lenses with UV protection. Headband is resistant to salt water. Not recommended for children under 3 years!

Lamellar diving ring

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The lamellar diving rings bring a lot of fun to the swimming pool. The diving rings are very easy to sink in the water and thanks to their bright colors, they are also easy to recognize underwater. Details: With very handy lamellae Ø 15 cm Available in three bright colors

Benz neoprene animal set

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Benz neoprene animal set, diving animals from neoprene, set about 800 g, multicolored, a squid, a seal, a starfish, a Meerjungrau, a tortoise and a clown fish. Caution: Use only in shallow water under adult supervision.

Diving ring Ø 14 cm

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The diving ring is best suited for diving training thanks to its bright neon colors. In addition, the diving ring is also a popular toy for children in the outdoor pool. Details: Made of PVC with smooth surface Ø 14 cm Weight 130 g Available in neon green and neon pink

Supertubes Set

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The Supertubes set of Jersyprene Lite consists of 3 tubes and 3 balls in red, yellow and green. This float vertically in the water. They are weighted at the bottom part and provided at the top with floating rings.

Diving Aqua Zoo Animals

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The 90-gram plastic submersible animals sink to the bottom and stay upright. They even animate anxious children for diving. 4 different designs in four different colors - depending on availability.

Slalom Diving Game (Set)

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Set consists of 8 plastic strips (150 cm long), with built floats down with ballast, totally rust free. Just drop into the water and the game is ready.

dive Stein

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A diving stone offers many possibilities for diving games and diving training. Product features: Dimensions (W x L x H): 12 x 24 x 6 DLRG version Made of plastic Suitable for children and adults

Theraband Aquafins (pair)

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Allow resistance training of a special kind for an effective total body workout. With the help of a stable Velcro they are fixed to the foot or wrist and thus increase the water resistance. Delivered in a nylon mesh with exercise instructions.

Diving Mask Ari

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The diving mask Ari is the ideal companion for children from 4 years of age in the outdoor or indoor pool, at the swimming lake or on the beach.Details: Material: polyvinyl Transparent seal Adjustable headband For children from 4 years

floating tire

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Floating on the water surface, Ø cm 75, 100% waterproof. The emergence from below and to perform jumping from the water's edge.

Pinball game

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Play learning of diving. Diving tires Ø 73 cm, height-adjustable plastic Weight, absolutely stainless. Set consists of four diving tires.

Neoprene diving animals set of 3

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The diving animals are sand-filled with neoprene coating. They sink slowly to the bottom and the bright colors provide good visibility. Due to a foam insert in the upper part, the animals stand vertically on the bottom and are therefore easy to grab even for smaller children.Product details:Set of 3 with sand filled animalsSize approx. 12 cmFoam insert at the top of the animalsAssorted colorsSet contents:1 x sea lion1 x seahorse1 x fishCAUTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision. Not suitable for children under 3 years.Rinse article with clear water after use and dry sufficiently.

BENZ Diving bow

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The BENZ diving bow neoprene set of 2 is ideal for learning to dive in swimming lessons. The weights with neoprene cover are simply thrown into the water and the orange PVC tube, which is clearly visible under water, forms the diving arc all by itself. The further apart the weights are, the shallower the arc becomes and diving through it becomes more difficult. With several diving arches, a challenging diving course can be created, which playfully increases the diving skills. Specifications: Diving bow set of 2 Weights with neoprene coverPVC hose length 3 m Weight 300 g Color orange Application area: School swimming lessonsSwimming clubRecreation/Swimming pool

Neoprene diving rings set of 3

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The neoprene diving rings from Schildkröt provide a lot of fun while learning to dive.Product details: Neoprene rings to ¾ with sand filling A foam insert makes the rings stand upright at the bottom

Memory diving game

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A diving game in which besides diving skills under water also the concentration plays a big role. The 12 round neoprene bags with sand filling are each printed with 6 pairs of pictures. Who can memorize the motifs best and brings the most pairs of pictures to the top? The winner is the diver who has collected the most pairs of pictures. With the memory diving game, diving skills are improved in a playful way.Specifications: 12 sachets with 6 pairs of picturesNeoprene cover with sand filling Ø 9 cm Weight per bag 130 g Mesh storage net and game instructions included Range of application: Swimming lessonsSwimming clubOutdoor swimming pool Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months

flippers emotion

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Swim fins with comfortable black foot slip made of soft rubber material. The profile of the blade gives strong thrust and stability when diving. The pack system allows the fins to be put together. The fins are suitable for recreational athletes. SALE!