Neoprene Diving Rings Set Of 3
Neoprene Diving Rings Set Of 3

Neoprene diving rings set of 3

The neoprene diving rings from Schildkröt provide a lot of fun while learning to dive.

Product details:
  • Neoprene rings to ¾ with sand filling
  • A foam insert makes the rings stand upright at the bottom
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The special feature of the 3-piece diving ring set from Schildkröt is that the rings - unlike conventional diving rings - stand upright under water at the ground. Thanks to this feature, children are able to dive the neoprene diving rings more easily. The rings are ¾ filled with sand, an additional foam insert gives the rings their special property of standing upright in the water. Children thus have a quick diving success experience and a lot of fun. The bright colors make the rings easy to see in the water. The "soft" construction means it won't hurt if the ring falls on your feet - that's not the case with hard plastic dive rings! The set is also an ideal gift for a child's birthday! Great fun to play and dive in the water!

CAUTION! Use only in shallow water under adult supervision. Article after use rinse with clean water and dry sufficiently
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