Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Martial arts equipment for everyone. Starting with the boxing glove, judo combat suit, martial arts mat, punching bag to the complete boxing ring. Here you can find everything that Martial arts enthusiast need.

Kids Boxing Gloves Junior

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Boxing gloves specially tailored for children's hands made of synthetic leather with sewn-on thumb protection. Details: Available sizes: 4 / 6 / 8 oz Material: PU synthetic leather Easy entry due to wide cuff with velcro fastener Supplied as a pair

Head protection

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The head guard offers the optimal protection during boxing, Thai boxing or kickboxing. Details: Optimal protection of the chin, ears and cheekbone. Multiple Velcro closure at the back of the head. Additional lacing at the top of the head Cowhide leather

Training Boxing Gloves

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The very durable boxing gloves are the perfect training companions. Details: Available sizes: 10 / 12 / 14 oz. Material: PU synthetic leather Easy entry due to wide cuff with velcro fastener Supplied as a pair

folding boxing ring

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Patented folding boxing ring 5 x 5 m or 6 x 6 m. Ideal for multi-used sports halls and at low spatial possibilities. Simple unfolding and folding in just 2 minutes! No assembly or disassembly required. Dimensions folded = 1/7 of the floor space.

Wall-box apparatus

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Adjustable wooden platform (50 cm in 11 steps), painted black. With black punching bag, pivot bearings, suspension.


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Turnbuckle 24-30 cm adjustable cm long chain with 60 and thimbles. (There are 16 St. required)

Double End Punching Ball

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Double end ball for interval and reflex training made of synthetic leather, with rubber bladder. Complete with two rubber bands and plastic hook.Specifications: Tear proof faux leather double end ball Rubber bands included Ø 23 cm For a room height of approx. 2.50 m

Judo mats single panel

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The single boards of the judo mats convince with their high quality and can be used in national and international competitions. Details: Single boards in two sizes: 1 x 1 m / 1 x 2 m. Mat made of composite foam and vinyl cover with rice straw embossing Non-slip underside Ideal drop mats for training and competitionsWe charge a minimum quantity surcharge for orders of less than 10 mats.

litter mat

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For specific case and throwing techniques, Polyetherschaumstoffkern. Coating of high-strength PVC canvas, side vent, dimensions: 200 x 300 x 20 cm.

Judo combat suit

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Cotton, 450 g, stable design. With Matsuru label. Consisting of reinforced jacket with durchgewebtem bottom, trousers with elastic waistband for all sizes and knee reinforcement. Incl. white belt.

Wrestling mats blanket

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Carrier web 100% polyester, PVC-coated, sealed and resistant to temperatures from -30 ° to + 70 ° C. Three-color match area: Yellow / Passive zone red / blue border. The tarpaulin has folding edges at the outer edges, so that the plan cover rests creases on individual plates.

Wall impact pad Combi

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The wall punch pad combi is perfect for training a wide range of punching and martial arts techniques. Details: Combination of pyramid and rectangular padding Foam padding with high-quality cowhide cover Dimensions (W x H x D) 55 x 75 x 40 cm Incl. fastening set for wall mounting

Elastic boxing bandages

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The 2.5 m long elastic black boxing bandages with thumb loop and practical velcro fastener stabilise and protect the wrists during boxing training or boxing competition. Details: Length: 2.5 m Width: 5 cm Supplied in pairs Elastic material

Boxing bandages non-elastic

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The firm bandages are equipped with thumb loop and velcro fastener, stabilise and protect the wrists during boxing training or boxing competition. Details: Length: 4.5 m Width: 5 cm With thumb loops and velcro fastener Supplied in pairs

Free Standing Punch Dummy

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The boxing dummy consists of a foam upper part and a plastic stand that can be filled with water or sand. The upper part is height-adjustable. The standing punching bag / water dummy is suitable for fitness and endurance training. Not suitable for hard Thai and kickboxing training. Delivery carriage forward ex works. Specifications: Anatomical foam topHeight adjustment from 162 to 195 cm Plastic stand Ø 55 cm can be filled with water or sand Weight with water filling 110 kg Weight with sand filling 130 kg Empty weight 20 kg Range of application: FitnessEndurance training Extremely high quality, attractive design and easy to use.

Punching bag standard

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The Standard filled punching bag is made of high-quality and extremely durable black imitation leather. A special jacket around the filling core provides optimal shock absorption. The punching bag is characterised by good damping properties that allow the punching force to be absorbed in a way that is easy on the joints. The delivery includes a stainless, chrome-plated steel chain suspension and a sandbag swivel. Made in E.U. Specifications 100 cm: Length 100 cm Ø approx. 35 cm Weight approx. 29 kg Specifications 120 cm: Length 120 cm Ø approx. 35 cm Weight approx. 30 kg Specifications 150 cm: Length 150 cm Ø approx. 35 cm Weight approx. 42 kg

Punching ball

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Punching ball made of genuine leather for training endurance, coordination, reaction and reflexes. The punching ball can be inflated and is attached to an eyelet. The delivery is without suspension. Specifications: Ø approx. 22 cm Circumference approx. 66 cm Height approx. 37 cm

Punching ball

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Punching ball / boxing ball made of durable PU leather for training endurance, coordination, reaction and reflexes. Ideal for boxing exercises. The punching ball can be inflated and is attached to an eyelet. Delivery without suspension. Specifications punching ball small: Ø 15 cm circumference 44 cm Height approx. 26 cm Specifications punching ball large: Ø 22 cm circumference 66 cm Height approx. 37 cm

Professional martial arts equipment: MMA, boxing, judo and more

Everything you need for school, club, public institution and private: From A for anti-aggression training to Z for Zui Quan.

For quick readers: The most important things in a nutshell!

Which martial arts equipment do I need for boxing?

Martial arts rooms must be fully equipped. Therefore, for professional training, you need martial arts mats, which provide a soft surface for the floor. Punching bags and punching ball support the training as well as wall punching pads and hand claws. It is important that professional facilities have a boxing ring. If you want to train at home, you don't necessarily need it. A standing punching bag or a boxing dummy are practical. With punching pads and pads, however, you can also train optimally within your own four walls.

What do I need for judo training?

For judo training, facilities do not need much: floor protection mats are sufficient for now. However, trainees need private equipment. Besides the judo suit and a belt (beginners: white), joint protectors, groin protectors, mouth guards and bandages can be useful. However, it is better to ask your trainer about this. You may also want to bring mat shoes to the workout. If you want to train at home, a skipping rope is very suitable for warming up, for fitness training and for training the speed of movement.

What should I look for when buying my martial arts equipment?

In the various martial arts there is full body contact. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to quality when buying equipment. Clothing must have high-quality stitching to withstand throws in judo, for example. Protective equipment must be hygienic and easy to clean, must really protect and not pose a danger. Martial arts mats cushion the floor and absorb falls. Accessories such as pratzen or boxing dummies must be completely smooth on the outside, because otherwise the trainees can injure themselves. Benz Sport manufactures martial arts equipment itself in its workshops in Winnenden. These are high quality equipment and devices "Made in Germany", which offer you the necessary safety!

How do I attach a punching bag?

The punching bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment for all boxers. There are several ways to attach the punching bag: The bag can be attached to the ceiling using a swivel hook (don't forget heavy duty dowels). Make sure that the ceiling is load-bearing - suspended ceilings are not suitable. However, Benz Sport also carries wall-mounted hangers. These are pivoting arms made of steel that stick out a bit from the wall and hold the punching bag securely. Again, make sure you attach the wall suspension to a load-bearing wall.

What the heck is Zui Quan?

You've almost certainly heard of Zui Quan or even seen demonstrations. It is the so-called "drunken style" taught in Chinese wushu. The style became really famous through the movie "Drunken Master" with Jackie Chan, who apparently mastered it. Of course, the masters of this style are never really drunk. But the slightly staggering, sweeping movements with the acrobatic interludes are reminiscent of the movements of drunks - hence the name. In fact, the fighting style is so demanding that it is only taught in Shaolin Kung Fu at the black belt level and above. Do not forget fall protection mats! You will often end up on the floor while learning.


  • For quick readers: The most important facts in a nutshell!
  • Contents
  • Difference between training room and home: What do you need and where?
  • A for anti-aggression training: Just let off some steam
  • B like Boxing: Ring, ropes, gloves and more
  • J like Judo: Pants like jacket or rather mat?
  • Personal protective equipment is important in all combat sports
  • Martial arts equipment is a matter of trust - Benz Sport can quality

Difference training room - at home: What do you need where?

What you need in the training room depends not only on the location of the room. In a clubhouse, martial arts school, youth club or club, in principle, the room equipment must be right. Floor protection mats are part of it, because in martial arts a normal floor is simply too hard. In boxing, a boxing ring is also needed. Collapsible ones are easy to store. Many pieces of equipment are not specific to a single martial art, but can be used for many different training sessions. Pratfalls, punching bag, punching pad and boxing dummy help to train punching and kicking techniques. Punching bag and punching ball train speed and endurance. In a professional training environment, these items should not be missing. Many trainees also appreciate being able to obtain their personal equipment (clothing, protective gear, shoes) through the club or martial arts school.

A for Anti-Aggression Training: Simply letting off steam

Anti-aggression training is intended to prevent aggressive behavior in everyday life. Physical exercises are a natural part of this training. To ensure that the trainees do not injure themselves, it is important to have equipment specially designed for this training. Tree trunks and bataca bats are covered with thick foam covers. The smooth surfaces are damp-washable, so the martial arts equipment remains hygienic. Benz Sport takes care in manufacturing to ensure that the grip elements allow a secure grip but do not pose a risk of injury.

B for boxing: ring, ropes, gloves and more

The training room is perfectly equipped with boxing balls, punching balls, pads and bags. A boxing ring is also there, perfectly braced with ropes. What is missing? Correct: the trainers! And they want to be equipped, too. As a contact sport, boxing is unthinkable without protective equipment. Boxing gloves and tape protect the sensitive hands. The mouthguard ensures that the meal after training does not have to be taken in liquid form. And the head protection prevents injuries in the area of the face, ears and head. The mouthguard is ideally customized and should always be with you from the beginning. Head protection and boxing gloves are also owned by regular trainers themselves. But it pays to always have a few sets of equipment on hand for visitors and guests, the curious, and forgetful exercisers. This also applies to ropes, belts, attachments and the punching ball!

J for Judo: Pants like jacket or rather mat?

Judo is a form of wrestling and originally comes from Japan. This may explain the strange white pajamas in which the trainers show themselves on the mat ... Of course, these are not pajamas, but the so-called gi. The judo gi is reinforced in the important places, so that especially the jacket does not take damage during violent attacks. Double seams and a reinforced chest part speak for the high quality of the suit. Pants and jacket are the usual combination, plus the belt. And you must not forget the judo mat! At home, however, you do not need it, because the mat remains in the training room. By the way, its area of use is drawn in colored circles, in conformity with the competition.

Personal protective equipment is important in all combat sports

There are very few full-contact martial arts that do not require protective equipment at all. Aikido is one of them: other than fall protection mats and a gi (which is reinforced like the judo-gi), you don't need anything. In all sports that know punches or kicks to the head, head protection is mandatory, and a mouthguard is also part of the martial arts equipment. In boxing, Thai boxing and MMA, the eye-catching gloves are added. Shin guards are often worn as well. Please never forget the groin protector! By the way, the girls need it too, because heavy kicks can break groins. Chest protection, hand protection and foot protection are not so common. It is always said (put into the mouth of Winston Churchill) that sport is murder. Benz Sport believes that sport can be very healthy - if the equipment is right.

  • Martial arts equipment is a matter of trust - Benz Sport knows quality

Martial arts equipment from Benz Sport is quality from German production. In the fourth generation family-run business, 170 employees take care of your concerns every day. Nationwide, our fleet of more than 20 trucks and assembly vehicles is on the road to bring our fitters to you. Of course, Benz Sport not only produces sports and martial arts equipment in its own metalworking shop, carpentry and saddlery. We also assemble everything for you. We have experience in this, because we were allowed to equip numerous international competitions and events in the last years. Without our loyal customers we would not have made it this far. Of course we thank them for that and promise to keep the usual Benz quality. And that goes for every single punching bulb as well as for the complete boxing ring. Order now! The selection in our online store is large!