Training Boxing Gloves
Training Boxing Gloves

Training Boxing Gloves

The very durable boxing gloves are the perfect training companions.

  • Available sizes: 10 / 12 / 14 oz.
  • Material: PU synthetic leather
  • Easy entry due to wide cuff with velcro fastener
  • Supplied as a pair
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The training boxing gloves are made of high-quality, durable PU synthetic leather. They have a sewn-on thumb guard and a wide cuff. This stabilises the wrist with a velcro fastener. The pre-shaped padding ensures a comfortable feel.

The size of boxing gloves is given in oz - ounces. As a rule, the higher the ounce number, the more padding a boxing glove has. Important in choosing the right boxing glove is the application requirement. Do you need gloves for training or competition? This question determines the padding of the boxing gloves. For training, gloves with a higher ounce rating are often used. For competitions, on the other hand, a lower one. In the case of boxing gloves for children, the glove size, i.e. the ounces, is based on age.

Weight oz
30-38 kg 8 oz
38-55 kg 10 oz
55-65 kg 12 oz
65-85 kg 14 oz
>85 kg 16 oz
Data sheet
0.60 kg
Delivery as a package
3-7 Days
Martial arts equipment for everyone. Starting with the boxing glove , j udo combat suit , martial arts mat , punching bag to the complete boxing ring . Here you can find everything that Martial arts enthusiast need.

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