Training AIDS

Training AIDS

Refine your training in clubs and schools with the practical teaching and training aids from our range. From coordination training aids, cones, hurdles, slalom poles, teaching boards to stopwatches - with our help you will find everything that supports your training.

Cone with holes

Piece from 5,90 €
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For the insertion of rods Ø 2,5 cm or flat tires. For many athletic exercises: jumping, climbing, crawling, etc. sets with 4 parts, 1 each blue, red, yellow, green.

Marking cones set alphabet

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The marking cone set with the letters A to Z is versatile in school and in school and club sports. Product features: 26 cones printed with letters Cone height: 23 cm Holes for floor fixing in the base

Markierungskegel 10er Set 0-9

(tax incl.)
Marking cone 9er Set 0-10, (Ø x H below) approximately 13 x 23 cm, 950 g / set, plastic, the cones are numbered from 0-9, suitable to mark the playing surface boundaries

Marking Cones with Holes Set of 4

Set from 20,90 €
(tax incl.)
A popular tool for coordination training in ball sports or didactic games at school. Details: Available in two sizes Holes on the side with Ø 2.5 cm Set contents: 1x blue cone, 1x red cone, 1x yellow cone, 1x green cone Can be used as a hurdle or obstacle in combination with gymnastics bars or hoops Quick and easy to set up hurdles

ProGym Flexiband

Piece from 34,90 €
(tax incl.)
The ProGym Flexiband in the eye-catching colors neon orange and neon yellow is up to 100% stretchable and offers a variety of uses in school, club and leisure. Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to attach the tape to game posts and other attachment points. The loop length is 60 cm. The textile ProGym Flexiband is lightfast, weatherproof and washable. The tape is supplied including reel for safe storage and thanks to its versatility should not be missing in any gym, or daycare center. In addition, the ProGym Flexiband can also be used for swimming training. Details: Best visibility thanks to red-yellow luminous color. Water & weather resistant Washable Extendable up to about twice its length Easy to connect multiple tapes together Practical winding device 80% polyester and 20% elastane Application areas: Schools Clubs Leisure Hobby & Family In and outdoor

Coordination ladder 4 m

(tax incl.)
Coordination ladder / agility ladder, 4 m long. Coordination ladders have been an indispensable training tool for coordination and quickness training for many years and are used as a training aid in many ball sports, athletics and fitness training. The rungs of this coordination ladder are made of sturdy rubber material, which makes the rungs extremely durable and also slip-resistant on indoor floors.

Blockx® United Building Blocks Complete

(tax incl.)
Blockx® large blocks complete set of delivery: 20 foam pads, 40 and connector 10 hurdle feet (PE-foam). Fear Free learning the hurdle run. differently high Hinternisse build by connecting the blocks with the connector Let. Color on the stock.

Coordination ladder 4 m

(tax incl.)
Versatile training aid made of weatherproof plastic, 57 cm wide. Sliding sprouts. For coordination, running and sprint exercises. Quick off and rolled up. Supplied with 4 x pegs for outdoor use and integrated suction cups for indoor use.

Slalom cone set of 10

(tax incl.)
The slalom cone set of 10 in bright neon green provides valuable services in training. It can be used for ball control training as well as for inline skating on asphalt. Details: Robust material Dimensions 70 x 80 mm per cone Ideal for slalom training Incl. carrying bag

4-way Coordination ladder

(tax incl.)
4 way coordination ladder, 4 x rung ladders with variable adjustable rungs. Buckles at the ends ensure easy operation. 4 to 16 meters variable erectable.

Magnetic tactics board Universal

(tax incl.)
Plastic folder with foil trays and technical for the magnetic game symbols. 9 Fields printed on unbreakable, white, magnetic, and can be wiped film for 9 sports. Football, handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, rugby, American football and tennis, as well as a blank whiteboard.

Easy hurdles set "soft jumper"

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This hurdles set is ideal for the coordinative training in football, handball, athletics and various other sports. The softness of the material prevents injuries during training. The items are very robust and water-repellent by the use of closed-cell lightweight foam.

Magnetic Sports Hall Set 100 A

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The magnetic gymnasium supports trainers in the planning and implementation of physical education and training. All of the components of a sports hall is faithfully printed on magnets, so that almost any sport, each device structure and each training situation can be clearly visualized.

Magnetic Sports Hall Set 100 B

(tax incl.)
The magnetic gymnasium supports trainers in the planning and implementation of physical education and training. All of the components of a sports hall is faithfully printed on magnets, so that almost any sport, each device structure and each training situation can be clearly visualized.

Premium Flipchat Vario

(tax incl.)
Premium flipchart Vario including rear in white painted steel with flexible suspension points. The rear panel includes a rapid clip for the rapid paper change. The flipchart is ideal for the office.

Marking caps set of 30

(tax incl.)
With the marking bonnet set, you can make training versatile in school, club and recreational sports. Details: Set of 30 marking hoods For poles with ø 30 cm Height of the bonnets 15 cm Marking bonnets in 3 different colours: red, yellow, white

Training aid Cone Champ

(tax incl.)
Innovative training aid for back-friendly collecting, stacking and storage of up to 60 selected preparers. 2-piece, like a telescopic rod extendable, weighing about 400 g. With manual.

Panel (rollable)

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Writing surface 60 x 100 cm, anthracite, epoxy coated, with chalk writable. 4 pcs castors, 2 of them with brake, easy transportation.

Speedy Pro draw resistance training

(tax incl.)
Training device based on block and tackle principle, d. H. Running, sprint and jump training with individual resistance. Strength, power and endurance, as well as (sub-) maximal speed is improved through proper training mission.

target bow

(tax incl.)
Target exercise aid of sturdy plastic. Ideal for practicing shots from short and long distance.

Travel equipment / Trolley

(tax incl.)
For the training dummies. With a mobile exercise wall ideal free kicks them practice. The roles of these driving device ensure easy transport. Stable steel construction, cm length about 260th Without dummies.

Lines Coordination System

(tax incl.)
Endless possibilities: diamond, star trapeze, practice fields, start-stop lines, fields of play, target fields, as bands for catching games. Can be extended. Set consists of 19 strips, each 1.5 m. cm with Maßlochung all 10th 22 retaining clips.

Podium for perforated plug

(tax incl.)
Universal training aid with 10-fold pad possibility of turn bars, for suspension in cones with holes. For running, jumping and coordination exercises. The set includes two podium.

Marker Cones coach Set

(tax incl.)
Set of 20 pieces in 4 colors. With stacking and transport staff. Marker Cones having 12 wells support on the side in the amount of 5 cm, 9.5 cm and 14 cm and mm at the top, for receiving Turn bars Ø 25th Made of durable plastic, 14.5 cm high, Ø cm 30th

Cone Champ Set

(tax incl.)
Cone Champ (selected creator-collecting rod) and 40 selected disk (Ø 18 cm), height of 7 cm, in 5 different colors.

Add variety to training with training aids 

Colorful cones and cones, activity ladders and more: Of course, soccer training is not just about playing soccer. To help you diversify isolated skills, Benz Sport provides you with training aids. 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

What are training aids? 

If small devices bring great variety to your training, then they are training aids. No matter if you want to train jumping power or endurance, reaction time or strength, speed or other skills: Benz Sport has the right aids for you. For example, you train with mini hurdles, with the header exercise equipment or with the coordination ladder. 

Does Benz Sport also equip clubs? 

Benz Sport is the contact for everyone when it comes to sports. We offer hurdles, cones and markers to make your soccer training effective. With our dummy set your protégés will learn to avoid opposing players. Of course, we will be happy to help you put together your own individual training aids. Please contact our more than 170 competent employees. 

Would you like to have a few cones for the bicycle course at the next children's birthday party? You can get them from us, too. Our company, now in its fourth generation of family management, supplies training aids to clubs and schools, municipal facilities and private institutions as well as to private individuals. 

What kind of sports are the training aids for? 

With training aids you train isolated skills. Of course, these skills are not sport-specific. Therefore, you can use the aids in any sport imaginable. For example, you can train good footwork in soccer with the coordination ladder or coordination bars. You have your players dribble over the poles or ladder as quickly as possible. This way you train coordination, i.e. accuracy of movement and speed. If you want to train footwork for table tennis, the coordination ladder will serve you just as well. 


  • Fun and playful training
  • Sports theory: instructional boards and boards for strategy
  • Consulting, planning, equipment and assembly: Everything from one source
  • Quality "Made in Germany" - simply order online
  • FAQ - frequently asked questions 

Fun and playful training

As a trainer, you know how to set up effective and varied training sessions. After all, training is a learning unit. And just like learning in school, you design the phases after a general introduction in a varied way. You train technique, but you also train endurance, tactics, strength and speed. With various exercises, you ensure that your players remain mobile. You try to give your protégés an overview of the game: It's not just about the isolated action at the right moment, but your players should keep an eye on the overall situation. 

You practice all of this at once in training games. However, it is difficult to try to improve all skills at the same time. That's why individual skills are trained in isolation. And this is where the training aids come into play, providing play, fun and variety in training. No matter whether your soccer players have to dribble the ball around colored cones, play on the field occupied by yellow plastic dummies, or shoot at the goal wall: the aids allow you to diversify every single training session, and of course not only for soccer. 

Did you know that many of the aids were originally used to train disabled people? Especially in physiotherapy, it is often a matter of teaching people "normal" and healthy movements again after injuries and accidents. The aids developed here will sooner or later all be used in competitive sports! 

Sports theory: instructional boards and boards for strategy. 

So how exactly do you explain certain game situations? It would help if your players could have a bird's eye view of the field. But this possibility does not exist. That's why Benz Sport gives you magnetic boards on which you mark the position of each player with colored dots. Your players learn to see the game as a whole of different moving people. They no longer see only their isolated action. This allows them to follow up on observed games or equip your players with the necessary tactics for the upcoming game. 

Coaches and trainers are not omniscient gods. Do you need suggestions? At Benz Sport, we give you everything you need to know about training design, variety, training isolated skills, and more. In addition to textbooks, we offer DVDs that clearly guide you through the preparation of a coordination workout or other specialized training sessions. 

Of course, the theory behind the design of a training session is not only interesting in club sports. Benz Sport also sees itself as a contact for schools, for kindergartens and for municipal institutions. Of course, the training aids can also be used in rehabilitation sports and in physiotherapy. 

Consulting, planning, equipment and assembly: everything from a single source 

Benz Sport has been producing high-quality training aids, sports equipment and gymnastics equipment since 1907. We are proud of the fact that we have already equipped numerous gymnastics festivals and international competitions. We will be glad to help you as well. Our assortment consists to a large extent of training aids from our own production. In Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, we still maintain our locksmith's shop, a carpenter's shop and a saddlery. This is where our high-quality training aids are produced to German quality standards. We check the safety of our equipment ourselves. Of course, it is important to us that sportsmen and sportswomen do not injure themselves. 

Our employees are always there for you. Just contact us if you have any questions, need help or are looking for a specific product. Benz Sport not only maintains an online store for all kinds of sports equipment, but also makes sure that your equipment gets to you quickly and reliably. That's why we maintain our own fleet of trucks with more than 20 vehicles. We deliver your equipment all over Germany. An installation team will come with you if you need larger equipment. It is important to us that your equipment is assembled correctly. That is why we take care of it ourselves. For you this means: You get everything from one source, from consultation to planning, delivery and installation. 

Quality "Made in Germany" - easy and quick order online. 

At Benz Sport we believe in high quality. Material and workmanship must be right, so that the sports equipment can be used sensibly and the risk of injury for their athletes is minimized. That is why we produce a large part of our articles ourselves. But you will also find products from well-known other brands in our assortment. After all, why should we set up production facilities for something that another manufacturer already supplies in excellent quality? We have looked around on the market, and in our eyes the most useful and qualitatively flawless training aids for you in our assortment. At Benz Sport you order quality "Made in Germany", produced under German safety standards. 

We go further. What is healthy and good for people should not harm the environment. Our products are manufactured as sustainably and climate-friendly as possible. We even heat our production facilities in a CO2-neutral way. 

FAQ - frequently asked questions 

What training aids do I need in soccer? 

Need is relative - you can always do without. However, it is more fun with the right aids. That's why, in addition to different colored sashes or jerseys for marking opposing teams, we recommend colored cones or cones, the coordination ladder, and a coaching board. Ropes are also versatile and should not be missing in soccer training. 

Who can provide me with a set of training equipment? 

Currently, we at Benz Sport do not offer any ready-made sets. If you need a comprehensive basic equipment, just contact us. We will work with you to find a solution tailored to your individual needs. 

Which skills do I train with a rope as a training aid?  

All of them. It depends on how you use the rope. Jumping rope can serve as a warm-up, but it can also train coordination, speed and endurance. Lay the ropes on the ground to form a grid, and you have an advanced coordination ladder at your disposal. Tighten the ropes, you can train balance with it. Each training aid is open in use and allows for quite a few different scenarios. 

What is the coordination ladder good for? 

With the coordination ladder you train jumping strength, coordination and speed. That's why the ladder lying flat on the ground is used in quite a lot of different sports. You set step and jump sequences, which are then completed at an increasingly faster pace.