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BENZ tabletennis schoolset Advanced

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The BENZ TT School Set Advanced is suitable for school sports with advanced players. The BENZ BE 30 table tennis racket with IFFT certified sponge is perfect for the all-round player.Set contents: 12 x BENZ BE 30 table tennis bat 1.8 mm sponge 1x BENZ ball bag with 144 TT team balls Ø 40 mm 1x BENZ bat bag

BENZ Fairtrade Soccer Premium Package

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With the BENZ Fairtrade Soccer Premium Package, clubs are perfectly equipped for tournaments and competitions. A major advantage is that all balls in the package have been produced under Fairtrade, FIFA and IMS standards. Contents: 3x BENZ Fairtrade football Thermo Competition size 5 9x BENZ Fairtrade football Hybrid Plus size 5 1x BENZ ball bag for approx. 15 balls

Mikasa Beachvolleyball Beach Star

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With the Mikasa Beach Star you have a recreational beach volleyball with radiance, awarded by the FIVB. Thanks to its neon design, the ball has a very high visibility. Product details: circumference 66 - 68 cm Weight 260 - 280 g 18-piece panel construction with PU surface material. Special valve Weather and seawater resistant

Mini soft cube set of 6

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The Mini soft cubes set is a wonderful alternative to balls when juggling. The cubes are also great fun for a variety of catch and throw games. Details: Edge length 76 mm Elastic foam with PU coating Set of 6: 3x neon-green cubes, 3x neon-orange cubes Washable due to the PU skin Perfect for schools, kindergartens and clubs

BENZ Competition Set Carbon

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The BENZ Table Tennis Competition Set Carbon is perfectly suitable for the school tournament or the competition in the club. The 8 high-quality BENZ BE 40 bats have been combined with 3 packs of 50 ITTF certified competition balls and a spacious bat bag. The BENZ BE 40 rackets with carbon inlay allow fast, hard topspins, a powerful attacking game and controlled counters. The rackets are constructed of 7 layers, have a 2 mm thick sponge and internal pimples. The rubber of the racket BENZ BE 40 is ITTF certified. Specifications: 8 rackets BENZ BE 40 7-layer structure with ITTF certified surface 150 *** ITTF certified competition ballsBENZ Racket bag (w x l x h) 20 x 25,5 x 32 cm

BENZ Fairtrade Soccerball Thermo Competition

Piece from 39,90 €
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With the BENZ Fairtrade Thermo Competition you get a match ball that is manufactured according to FIFA and IMS standards. Thanks to its precise game characteristics, it creates the best conditions for an exciting football match. Details: Fairly produced Suitable for U 14, A- / B- / C- juniors, men and women Dimensionally stable and abrasion-resistant match ball Manufactured according to FIFA and IMS standards Size 5

BENZ AirMat Training Set

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Get the BENZ AirMat basic training set for your class or club training. Thanks to their super elastic and springy surface, the air cushions facilitate bouncing and support landing.Details: 6-piece set For jump training in schools and clubs Quick assembly and disassembly All set items can be used individually

Coordination game Swing and Loop

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The coordination game Swing and Loop consists of a wooden bat with a long handle, on the head of which there are 3 holes with different diameters. Next to the holes there are 3 markings that mark the areas where the ball bounces off the bat again. A possible game variation is to let the ball bounce off the racket on the string as many times as possible without it falling through an opening, or to let the ball fall through a predefined opening. This is a simple game with several variations that promotes hand-eye coordination and prepares the player for a variety of rebounding games.Specifications: Racket made of wood with 3 holesDimensions (W x L x H) 29 x 41 x 4 cmWeight 240 g Recommended from 6 years Range of application: KindergartenPrimary School Leisure indoor and outdoor Not suitable for children under 3 years! Danger of strangulation!

BENZ Rainbow swimming board

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The BENZ swimming board in rainbow colours is not only suitable for playing and splashing around, but is also an indispensable aid for learning swimming techniques and improving leg technique. This swimming board with handle recesses serves as a buoyancy aid, but is not a swimming aid and is primarily designed for use in school and club sports. The swimming board is also used in water gymnastics and rehabilitation. Specifications: PE foam in rainbow colours Dimensions (W x L x H) 30 x 47 x 2.8 cmWeight 85 g 2 handle cut-outs for safe use Range of application: School sportsClub sportsLeisure time Caution: Use only in shallow water under adult supervision.

BENZ mega game set

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The BENZ Mega play set offers a lot of fun for a large group of children during the school break, in sports lessons, or in their free time. The set consists of small devices with different requirement character and will suit every child. For storage and easy transportation, the set comes in a sturdy bag with a viewing net and wheels.

BENZ coated foam balls Jumper Pack

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The BENZ foam ball Jumper is often used for didactic ball games and as a beginner's ball for various ball sports. Due to the high density of the foam used, it has very good bouncing properties. The soft foam ball is very popular with children and when used in therapy, because it allows a fearless and injury-free game. The ball set with 24 balls comes with 4 balls per color and offers a price advantage over buying them individually!Specifications: Good bouncing soft foam ballVery robust PU coating Ø 160 mm Weight 200 g Range of application: Kindergarten School sportsClub sport Senior Sports Therapy The BENZ soft foam balls are covered with a special surface coating of closed PU material. This makes them extremely robust, washable and disinfectable. The foams are adapted to the most diverse requirements in school and club sports and have different strengths as well as different bounce characteristics. The balls are ideally suited to playfully and safely introduce children to the use of balls and to learn sports such as handball, volleyball and soccer.

BENZ coated foam balls BEGINNER Pack

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The BENZ soft foam ball beginners set offers in this composition a good basic equipment for the day care center, the school and the club. The BENZ soft foam balls are equipped with a special, hygienic surface coating made of closed PU material. This surface is extremely robust and easy to clean. The balls are manufactured with different foams, which has an effect on the respective bouncing behavior. The soft foam balls enable fear- and injury-free play and are ideal for introducing children to different ball sports.Set composition: BENZ Mini, yellow, Ø 70 mm BENZ Softi, red, Ø 90 mm BENZ Handball, white, Ø 160 mm BENZ Special, green, Ø 210 mmBENZ Allround, blue, Ø 180 mmBENZ Fußball, yellow, Ø 200 mmBENZ Squeezy, orange, Ø 160 mmBENZ Fußball, black/yellow, Ø 210 mmRange of application: Kindergarten/daycare center School sportsClub sports

BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Package

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With the BENZ Fairtrade Futsal package, schools, clubs and recreational facilities are perfectly equipped for competitions and training. The ball package consists of 12 Fairtrade Futsal balls in different sizes and a practical ball bag for transport.Set contents: 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Competition size 4 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training size 4 5 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid size 3 1 x BENZ ball bag for approx. 15 balls

Crawling bow set of 6

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The crawling bows can be used for crawling games of all kinds or as goals in ballgames. Children can give free scope to their imagination in play and create great movement parkours.Details: 6 arches and 12 bases Covered with foam Variable height from 53 to 61 cm Use in kindergartens and primary schools

Joola Midsize Table Tennis Table

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The optimal leisure table for table tennis fun at home. The Joola Midsize was designed especially for small rooms, so that this lightweight table tennis table can be played anywhere. Details: Perfect size for home Dimensions (W x L x H): 84 x 168 X 76 cm Net set included Available in two colours Delivery carriage forward ex works!

PROGYM Yoga mat - gymnastic mat non-slip

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The PROGYM gymnastics mat impresses with its increased TPE content and high tear resistance, thus ensuring a long service life. The professional mat can be used in yoga, gymnastics, fitness and Pilates. Due to the improved, double-sided structure, the PROGYM mat is much more non-slip and therefore ideal for people who value safety. Due to the 6 mm thick material, the yoga mat is particularly easy on the joints and pleasantly soft. It offers maximum comfort for knees, elbows and hips. Specifications: Material: Eco-friendly TPE / TPR Dimensions (L x W x H) 183 x 61 x 0.6 cm Construction: Double-layer base Non-slip, easy-to-clean surface Available in 3 color combinations: blue-light blue, lilac-pink, anthracite-red Area of application: Yoga (Joga / Yuga) - classic & modern yoga - Fitness, training, coordination - stability and balance (e.g. by standing on one leg, side plank, etc.) Gymnastics, aerobics, functional gymnastics - dynamic, rhythmic movements in training Pilates, Powerhouse - Rehab and Deep Muscle Training & Strengthening Studio and home fitness - three-dimensional exercises to activate holistic muscle groups

KanJam® 16 players set

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KanJam® is an action-packed disc target throwing game from the USA. Quick and easy to learn, whether with friends in the backyard or at school, anyone can play.Details: Kan (Can) height 50 cm, ø 43 cm Official KanJam® throwing disc Ø 29 cm With game instructionsScope of delivery: 8 Kans (cans) 6 Official KanJam® throwing discs

Digital ball pump "Volcano" with automatic stop function

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The digital ball pump "Volcano" with automatic stop function is the ideal solution for quickly and easily inflating your balls to the correct pressure. With dimensions of 20 cm (length) x 10.5 cm (width) x 16 cm (height) and a weight of 1 kg, it is compact and easy to handle. The pump features a pre-set pressure for 5 different types of balls, allowing for easy adjustment. The airflow is 22 liters per minute at 10 PSI, and the maximum adjustable pressure is 30 PSI. With quick and easy pressure adjustment, you can quickly reach the desired pressure. The well-readable LED backlighting ensures easy readability. Included in the package are a valve needle and 2 different ball nozzles. Specifications: Automatic stop function Dimensions: 20 cm (length) x 10.5 cm (width) x 16 cm (height) Weight: 1 kg Pre-set pressure for 5 different types of balls Airflow: 22 liters/minute at 10 PSI Voltage: 230 V Maximum adjustable pressure: 30 PSI Quick and easy pressure adjustment Well-readable LED backlighting Includes valve needle and 2 different ball nozzles

Donic Indoor Roller 800 Table Tennis Table

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Sophisticated indoor leisure table from DONIC in compact technology. Playfully easy handling due to the bow locking system. Details: Dimensions in playing position (incl. net) (W x L x H): 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm (int. tournament size) Storage position (incl. net) (W x L x H): 152.5 x 69 x 163 cm Large rubberised double castors 128mm for safe standing and transport Safety system by means of visible handle Delivery carriage forward ex works!

BENZ Fairtrade Learning volleyball Big Light

Piece from 29,90 €
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The BENZ training volleyball Big Light offers an easy introduction to the sport of volleyball. In addition to its lighter weight, this volleyball is 15% larger than a conventional training ball.Details: Circumference: approx. 75 cm PU synthetic leather with integrated latex bladder 15% larger than a conventional volleyball

BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition

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BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo CompetitionAn optimally crafted hybrid handball manufactured to competition level.Details: IHF Standard Sizes available: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 Ball circumference: ± 46-48 / 50 - 52 / 54 - 56 / 58 - 60 cm Weight: ± 290 - 330 / 325 - 375 / 425 - 475 g Material: PU leather Material thickness: 4 mm Suitable areas: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs

KITUKA - Complete

Piece from 1.629,90 €
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Benz-Sport KITUKA - children's gym kit including sports and play material set for the KITUKA The innovative further development of our classic vaulting box: The mobile multi-purpose device now with clever storage space. - the KITUKA vaulting boxes from BENZ®.Made in GermanyVault box details: Length 100cm Width 50cm Height 91cm (with feet 75cm) Made from pine and beech wood Composite foam padding Front handle holes Longitudinal openingsPEFC certified For our wooden sports equipment, we only use wood from sustainably managed forests

Sports floor protective covering sheet goods 100 x 200 cm

Piece from 47,70 €
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In addition to normal sports activities, gymnasiums are often used temporarily for events of all kinds and for short-term accommodation of larger groups of people. With this use of the halls, it is important to take the appropriate measures in advance to protect the sensitive sports floor from soiling or damage. An effective solution for this task is offered by our sports floor protective covering in the form of mobile sheet goods in the format 100 x 200 cm.Delivery is carriage forward ex manufacturer's works! Larger purchase quantities on request! Specifications: Plate goods (W x L x H) 100 x 200 x 0.5 cmMaterial 100% Polypropylen Non-slip extrusie back Weight: 3280 g / m²Fire protection class Bfl-S1 according to DIN EN 13501 Range of application: Sports floor protection

BENZ Fairtrade school package

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The BENZ Fairtrade School package consists of 15 fairly produced balls that comply 100% with all Fairtrade standards. The ball package consists of balls for basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor football, futsal, a ball bag for all balls and is excellent basic equipment for the gym, school sports and the club. For all those who value the Fair Trade label and want to cover the most common ball sports, this BENZ Fairtrade school package, with b>price advantage compared to individual purchase, is the first choice!Set composition: 1 x BENZ Fairtrade Basketball Shooting Guard, size 7 1 x BENZ Fairtrade Basketball Shooting Guard, size 6 1 x BENZ Fairtrade Volleyball Premium Soft Touch, DVV1, size 5 3 x BENZ Fairtrade Volleyball School Light II, size 5 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition, size 2 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Handball Bravo Competition, size 1 1 x BENZ Fairtrade Indoor Fußball, size 5 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Training, size 4 2 x BENZ Fairtrade Futsal Kid Hybrid, size 3 1 x BENZ ball sack Range of application: School sportsClub sport

BENZ coated foam ball SOCCER

Piece from 15,90 €
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The BENZ coated foam ball SOCER is particularly impressive as a learning ball in tight spaces and when dealing with the ball. Due to its low bounce, low weight and soft foam, it is the perfect ball for first contact with the ball. It is ideally suited for kindergarten children as well elementary school children. The durable elephant skin offers a great grip. : The different neon colors ensure a colorful mix. The balls are washable and disinfectable. Details: Material inside: PU foam Outer material: polyurethane Weight: 300 g Diameter: 20 cm Color: yellow/black Easily washable and hygienic surface Soft surface Areas of application: Nursery school Free time

Climbing basic safety set

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Set composition: 1 x Mammut 10.1 Gym Station Classic Rope 18 m 2 x Singingrock Climbing harness (2 sizes) 1 x Singingrock HMS Carabiner bora, 64 g1 x Singingrock Tuber1 x Climbing Handle Assembly Key

BENZ Ball trolley

Piece from 189,90 €
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The Benz ball trolley is part of the basic equipment of every gym, so you ensure more order when storing balls.Details: Available sizes: 375 / 478 litres Dimensions (W x H x D): 81.5 x 87 x 61.5 / 107.5 x 87 x 61.5 cm Made of galvanised steel with four castors Foldable with lid Maximum load capacity up to 250 kgThe ball trolley is delivered partially dismantled, in a cardboard box without partition grid and trolley tray.

Reversible marking shirt two colors

Piece from 8,90 €
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These practical reversible marking shirts can be worn on both sides and offer a different color on each side. The two-color marking shirts made of very durable polyamide mesh material are an indispensable accessory for training, or the short team game in between. In sports lessons, two teams can be formed in seconds. Can be used for all team sports and games. The marking shirts are offered in several color combinations and in three different sizes.Specifications: 100 % polyamid mesh material Weight approx. 150 g Two-color Range of application: Day care center School ClubsEvents (marking organizational teams, etc.)

MyGrip Ball set of 6, Ø 18 cm

(tax incl.)
With its special mixed surface of sewn and vulcanized PU mesh fabric and a particularly soft synthetic leather, this innovative MyGrip Ball, in conjunction with its air filling, offers an exceptionally good grip. The air pressure can be individually adjusted via a needle valve. It is particularly suitable for children who have little practice in handling balls. In kindergartens, schools or clubs, they can be used as method balls for the introduction to most ball sports. The child-friendly size and light weight ensure that the MyGrip ball can be thrown and caught without fear. The attractive color scheme makes it an indispensable recreational companion. Delivery of colors according to stock.Specifications: Set of 6 with price advantage over single purchase Vulcanized, stitched PU mesh fabric Soft and extremely grippy surface Air pressure adjustable via needle valveØ 18 cmWeight 238 g Range of application: In- and Outdoor Kindergarten Elementary schoolRehabilitation/TherapySpare time

PROGYM Speed Rope

(tax incl.)
The PROGYM Speedrope has a black, plastic-coated steel cable with plastic handles and bearings that ensure absolutely resistance-free swinging of the cable. The Speedrope is equally suitable for beginners and professionals and can be easily adjusted in rope length via screw locks. The plastic handles have grooves that allow a good grip. The head of the handles and the bearings made of metal ensure a long service life. Rope skipping involves the whole body, which makes this small training tool effective and versatile. With this PROGYM Speedrope all skills are possible and are supported by the bearings. Specifications: Plastic coated steel cableScrew locks for adjusting the rope length Head and bearing made of metal Rope length 285 cm Weight 100 g Handle length 13 cm

BENZ TT Competition Rackets Set of 2

(tax incl.)
The BENZ competition table tennis bat set of 2 is designed for the ambitious club player and the competition game. The BENZ BE 40 Carbon table tennis racket provides optimal playing conditions for cut and spin variations during play.Set contents: 2x BENZ BE 40 Carbon TT racket with 2.0 mm rubber (ITTF certified). 1x box of 3 BENZ TT competition balls Ø 40 mm

BENZ coated foam ball Jumper

Piece from 12,90 €
(tax incl.)
The BENZ foam ball Jumper is often used for didactic ball games and as a beginner's ball for various ball sports. Due to the high density of the foam used, it has very good bouncing properties. The soft foam ball is very popular with children and for use in therapy, because it allows a game without fear and injury.Specifications: Good bouncing soft foam ballVery robust PU coating Ø 160 mm Weight 200 g Range of application: Kindergarten School sportsClub sport Senior Sports Therapy

MOLTEN basketball School TraineR B6G-ST

(tax incl.)
Perfect basketball for school sports made of rubber, in size 6, with easy handling. The 12 field design and the nubbed surface ensure a good grip. The MOLTEN basketball bears the logo of the German school sports foundation. Specifications: MOLTEN School Trainer Basketball B6G-ST size 6 material rubber Super grippy and easy ball handling 12 fields design Logo of the German School Sports Foundation Area of application: training ball School indoors

BENZ coated foam ball Ø 12 cm

Piece from 9,50 €
(tax incl.)
Good bouncing soft foam ball with elephant skin, Ø 12 cm, neon orange. Specially designed learning ball for children's hands with soft foam and grippy surface. The small diameter also allows easy handling with the soft ball. Thanks to the soft texture, there is no risk of injury during play and uncontrolled throws. Specifications: Soft foam ball with elephant skinØ 12 cm Weight 80 g Neon-Orange Range of application: Kindergarten School sportsClub sportsTherapy, rehabilitation

MyGrip ball Ø 15 cm

Piece from 13,90 €
(tax incl.)
With its special mixed surface of sewn and vulcanized PU mesh fabric and a particularly soft synthetic leather, this innovative MyGrip Ball, in conjunction with its air filling, offers an exceptionally good grip. The air pressure can be individually adjusted via a needle valve. It is particularly suitable for children who have little practice in handling balls. In kindergartens, schools or clubs, they can be used as method balls for the introduction to most ball sports. The child-friendly size and light weight ensure that the MyGrip ball can be thrown and caught without fear. The attractive color design makes it an indispensable leisure companion.Specifications: Vulcanized, stitched PU mesh fabric Soft and extremely grippy surface Air pressure adjustable via needle valveØ 15 cmWeigth 177 g Range of application: In- and Outdoor Kindergarten Elementary schoolRehab/TherapySpare time

BENZ coated foam ball SOFTI

Piece from 4,90 €
(tax incl.)
The very good bouncing BENZ Softi soft foam ball is very versatile. The small diameter of 90 mm makes it very easy to throw and catch. The extremely durable PU elephant skin with high abrasion resistance is washable, disinfectable and hygienic. Weight 30 g. Specifications: Soft foam ball with PU coating Durable, hygienic surface Very good jumpingØ 90 mmWeight 30 gAvailable in 3 colors

ProGym Flexiband

Piece from 34,90 €
(tax incl.)
The ProGym Flexiband in the eye-catching colors neon orange and neon yellow is up to 100% stretchable and offers a variety of uses in school, club and leisure. Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to attach the tape to game posts and other attachment points. The loop length is 60 cm. The textile ProGym Flexiband is lightfast, weatherproof and washable. The tape is supplied including reel for safe storage and thanks to its versatility should not be missing in any gym, or daycare center. In addition, the ProGym Flexiband can also be used for swimming training. Details: Best visibility thanks to red-yellow luminous color. Water & weather resistant Washable Extendable up to about twice its length Easy to connect multiple tapes together Practical winding device 80% polyester and 20% elastane Application areas: Schools Clubs Leisure Hobby & Family In and outdoor

New sports equipment - discover trend sports and fitness novelties at Benz Sport! 

Slackline, bubble soccer and fascia training: There's always something happening in sports. New sports equipment, accessories and sets for schools and clubs Benz Sport has of course quickly in the assortment. 

In a nutshell: What to expect in this article 

What is new sports equipment? 

Twenty years ago, no one knew what a slackline was. Today, it's hard to imagine climbing gyms and schools without the wide balancing band. From the hula hoop to the fascia roller to the battlerope and juggling towels, there are always new pieces of sports equipment to discover. Whatever proves to be useful for sports and somewhat more durable, Benz Sport includes in its assortment. 

Where do new sports equipment come from? 

Sometimes people come up with cool ideas. There are cups that are stacked and dismantled according to a certain pattern within a set time. Or someone hangs a rope over a raised resistance and holds the ends just above the ground to do push-ups on it. Or the trampoline is sunk into the pool .... There are endless ways to have fun while exercising. If other people pick up on these ideas and spread the word, a new trend sport is born. 

Who is the Benz Sport offer aimed at? 

Benz Sport the family-run company for sports equipment and gear with the largest assortment from its own production, which still produces in Germany. And Benz Sport is there for everyone. We equip schools and public institutions, but we are also happy to receive orders from private individuals. 


  • - New sports equipment - combining fun and games into sport
  • - The Internet is always a bit faster...
  • - Benz Sport delivers quality
  • - FAQ - frequently asked questions 

New sports equipment - combining fun and games into sports 

Remember the hula hoop that circled around pretty much every still-mobile German hip in the 1980s? The colorful plastic hoop is back, and for dynamic workouts, dance routines and general fitness. In Velcro Ball, you use a tennis ball that you throw to each other. However, the ball is not caught with your hands, but with a disc covered with the rough fabric of a Velcro strap. Ideally, the ball will stick and not fall to the ground. You basically play bubble soccer like soccer. However, you're stuck in a large rubber bubble that makes classic fouls nearly impossible. 

You get the idea: new sports equipment is always created when someone breaks new ground with old sports equipment or toys. Ultimate Frisbee, for example, combines the Frisbee disc with the dynamics of soccer. Trend sports are fun and often more appealing than traditional sports, especially to young people. 

The Internet is always a little faster... 

Kids today don't learn new sports at school. They find trends on the Internet, watch videos, try them out, copy them. The Internet, it seems, is always a bit faster than "real life." That's because it can take some time before the sports equipment for the latest trend is available in local stores. At Benz Sport, we think it has to be faster. That's why you can get new sports equipment from us - in the quality you've come to expect from us. 

"Faster" at Benz Sport also means that service is a bit faster than elsewhere. We deliver large sports equipment or entire components for halls or courts personally with our fleet of trucks. We deliver the fitter at the same time - that's what we mean by "fast delivery and assembly". 

Benz Sport delivers quality 

We manufacture many sports devices and equipment for halls and sports fields ourselves. As a German company with a tradition dating back to 1907, we maintain three production departments (locksmith, carpentry and saddlery) in Baden-Württemberg. So you can be sure that all sports equipment in our production meets German quality standards. 

However, we cannot manufacture everything we offer you ourselves. That is why we have included high quality items from well-known brands in our range. Our claim is to equip you as comprehensively and completely as possible. Therefore, what you find in our offer always meets our own requirements for material, workmanship and safety. 

- FAQ - frequently asked questions 

What is Ultimate Frisbee? 

Ultimate Frisbee has been around since the 1960s, the sport originates from the USA. The Frisbee has to be brought into the end zone on the playing field, but may only be thrown and not carried. The rules of the game focus very strongly on fairness. At 175 grams, the throwing disc is significantly heavier than ordinary Frisbee discs. 

What do you need a tchoukball for? 

In tchoukball, two teams of 5 to 7 players face each other. They try to throw the tchoukball on a baffle so that the other team cannot catch the ball. The tchoukball looks similar to a handball, but has much more grip. It can also be used for other ball sports.  

What is juggling good for? 

Juggling trains concentration as well as spatial awareness and coordination. Precise movements, technique and speed are important. Thus, juggling meets all the requirements to be defined as a sport. Beginners and novices juggle better with scarves first. After that, beanbags are a good choice. Those who have halfway mastered the balls will find new challenges with apples, plates, spoons and other everyday objects.