Circle Jump with ring
Circle Jump with ring
Circle Jump with ring Circle Jump with ring

Circle Jump with ring

This bouncy top with ring and ball made of plastic is a classic among recreational games for children. With the ring around the ankle, the ball is set in rotation with one leg. The other leg must bounce with each rotation over the string to which a perforated plastic ball is attached. What sounds simple at first is a great challenge to fitness, bounce and coordination. In any case, a lot of fun is guaranteed - in the schoolyard, in the gym or in your free time.


  • Total length 59 cm
  • Cord length 34,5 cm
  • Material plastic
  • Ring diameter 14 cm
  • Ball diameter 6,5 cm
  • Weight 40 g
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The bouncy top with ring is undoubtedly a fascinating piece of sports equipment that is revolutionizing the world of training. Combining innovative construction with a healthy dose of fun, this technological masterpiece offers numerous benefits that make it a must-have for any serious sports enthusiast.

From a technical point of view, the bouncy top impresses with its high-quality manufacturing. It is made of first-class materials that not only ensure durability but also offer excellent robustness. This ensures that it can withstand even the most demanding workouts. The robust ring not only fulfills a function, but also serves as an ergonomic handle. This sophisticated design ensures comfortable handling and a secure hold during training. Thanks to its design, the bouncy top can be used flexibly and versatilely on a wide variety of surfaces. In addition, the gyro's parts are precision-machined to ensure near-frictionless rotation and optimal balance.

The advantages of this impressive piece of sports equipment are as varied as they are convincing. Firstly, the bouncy top provides a challenging full-body workout that promotes both strength and coordination. Hopping, twisting and balancing activates a variety of muscle groups and helps take your athletic skills to new levels.

The fun factor cannot be overlooked when training with the bouncy top. This machine offers a fun way to structure your workout and motivates you to continually work on your skills.

Improving balance - another big plus. Training on the bouncy top provides a constant challenge to your balance, promoting the development of proprioceptive skills and a general increase in stability and coordination.

It offers effective cardiovascular training. The intense hopping and spinning can increase heart rate and strengthen the cardiovascular system while improving endurance.

The device is extremely space-saving and portable. You can take it anywhere, be it the park, the garden or your apartment, adapting your training to your needs.

The bouncy top is universally suitable for athletes of all fitness levels. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness adventure, the bouncy top allows for a customizable workout to meet your individual needs.

Overall, the bouncy top with ring is a remarkable piece of sports equipment that combines the best features of technology and sport. With its precise construction, fun factor, balance improvement and versatility, it is the perfect complement for anyone looking for a varied and effective way to stay in shape and maximize their athletic abilities.
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