PRO GYM Skipping Rope
PRO GYM Skipping Rope
PRO GYM Skipping Rope PRO GYM Skipping Rope

PROGYM Skipping Rope

The PROGYM Rope Skipping Jump Rope is the ideal jump rope for school and club, recreational and competitive sports.
  • Individual rope length adjustment.
  • High speed rope for ambitious training
  • Optimized surface even for high speeds
  • Improved noise generation when hitting sports floor
  • Available in 4 different neon colors
  • Innovative design

Application areas:
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Indoor and outdoor
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PROGYM Rope Skipping is the effective equipment for training stamina, rhythm and sense of balance. Rope skipping training is one of the most effective training methods to increase endurance and coordination. In addition, rope skipping improves speed and boosts fat burning in the body. The PRO GYM Rope Skipping jump rope consists of an elastic PVC band and black plastic handles. The length of the rope can be adjusted individually. The handles are equipped with plastic fasteners that can be easily released. The jumpe rope can be shortened to the desired length with scissors. After adjusting, the fasteners are put back on so that the rope has a firm grip.

PROGYM Rope Skipping skipping ropes have a stabilized structure, can maintain the momentum optimally and ergonomic handles make it possible to move easily at any time and at the same time suitable for any athlete. It is available in different colors (NEON colors) that facilitate visual perception, even at high speeds. The flexible length adjustment allows trainers to quickly adjust the length of the ropes to different-erfor rope lengths.

The reinforced PVC rope material allows the rope to spin faster and maintain a constant speed. For younger athletes, the advantage in the reinforced ropes is that the start and entry are facilitated, slower speeds are also stable with consistent control. No matter how fast the speed, the ergonomic handle provides grip and control, even with sweaty palms!
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