Circle Jump with ring
Circle Jump with ring
Circle Jump with ring Circle Jump with ring

Circle Jump with ring

This bouncy top with ring and ball made of plastic is a classic among recreational games for children. With the ring around the ankle, the ball is set in rotation with one leg. The other leg must bounce with each rotation over the string to which a perforated plastic ball is attached. What sounds simple at first is a great challenge to fitness, bounce and coordination. In any case, a lot of fun is guaranteed - in the schoolyard, in the gym or in your free time.


  • Total length 59 cm
  • Cord length 34,5 cm
  • Material plastic
  • Ring diameter 14 cm
  • Ball diameter 6,5 cm
  • Weight 40 g
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Discover the bouncing top with ring - a diverse leisure game that delights children and adult athletes alike. This classic toy encourages athletes to be active while improving their coordination skills in a fun way. The bouncy top with a ring offers a unique combination of fun, exercise and challenge. It's easy to use but incredibly difficult to master, making it the perfect game for the schoolyard, gym or home garden.

  • Durable Material: Made of high quality plastic for long-lasting fun.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry, weighing only 40g.
  • Games and sports: Promotes fitness, jumping power and coordination.
  • Colorful design: Vibrant colors and attractive appearance
  • Line length: 34.5 cm, ideal for dynamic jumps.
  • Ring diameter: 14 cm, fits comfortably around the ankle.
  • Ball diameter: 6.5cm, perfect size for easy bouncing.
  • For indoors and outdoors: Ideal for use in the schoolyard, in the gym or in the garden.
  • Package contents: A bouncy top with a ring and attached plastic hole ball.
The bouncing top with ring is a timeless classic that combines the simple joy of movement with skill. Children are challenged to spin the ball with one leg while jumping over the string with the other leg. This activity is not only entertaining but also promotes physical fitness and coordination. The bouncy top is made of durable, lightweight plastic and therefore offers a safe and pleasant playing experience. With a total length of 59 cm and a cord length of 34.5 cm, it is ideal for children of different age groups. The 14cm ring diameter and 6.5cm ball diameter are carefully selected to ensure comfort and challenge.

Promotes activity and movement
Children are encouraged to move and be active.

Improves coordination and dexterity
A fun way to train motor skills.

Easy to learn, challenging to master
Provides long-lasting fun and motivation.

Versatile and mobile
Can be played anywhere, from the gym to the garden.

Safe and robust
Item made from high quality plastic.

The bouncy top with ring is the perfect element for children who enjoy exercise and challenges. It is not just a game, but also a device that helps children improve their physical condition, jumping ability and coordination in a playful way. With lots of fun guaranteed, the bouncy top with ring is a must for every sports facility.
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