Marking Cone / Plate

Marking Cones with Holes Set of 4

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A popular tool for coordination training in ball sports or didactic games at school. Details: Available in two sizes Holes on the side with Ø 2.5 cm Set contents: 1x blue cone, 1x red cone, 1x yellow cone, 1x green cone Can be used as a hurdle or obstacle in combination with gymnastics bars or hoops Quick and easy to set up hurdles

Cone with holes

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For the insertion of rods Ø 2,5 cm or flat tires. For many athletic exercises: jumping, climbing, crawling, etc. sets with 4 parts, 1 each blue, red, yellow, green.

Slalom cone set of 10

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The slalom cone set of 10 in bright neon green provides valuable services in training. It can be used for ball control training as well as for inline skating on asphalt. Details: Robust material Dimensions 70 x 80 mm per cone Ideal for slalom training Incl. carrying bag

Marker Cones coach Set

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Set of 20 pieces in 4 colors. With stacking and transport staff. Marker Cones having 12 wells support on the side in the amount of 5 cm, 9.5 cm and 14 cm and mm at the top, for receiving Turn bars Ø 25th Made of durable plastic, 14.5 cm high, Ø cm 30th

Cone Champ Set

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Cone Champ (selected creator-collecting rod) and 40 selected disk (Ø 18 cm), height of 7 cm, in 5 different colors.

Training aid Cone Champ

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Innovative training aid for back-friendly collecting, stacking and storage of up to 60 selected preparers. 2-piece, like a telescopic rod extendable, weighing about 400 g. With manual.

Marking caps set of 30

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With the marking bonnet set, you can make training versatile in school, club and recreational sports. Details: Set of 30 marking hoods For poles with ø 30 cm Height of the bonnets 15 cm Marking bonnets in 3 different colours: red, yellow, white

Marking cones set alphabet

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The marking cone set with the letters A to Z is versatile in school and in school and club sports. Product features: 26 cones printed with letters Cone height: 23 cm Holes for floor fixing in the base

Marking cones, made of soft flexible rubber, 18 cm high

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Marking cones, made of soft flexible rubber, 18 cm high. The cones are very safe to use due to the soft material and accidental stepping on the cones is possible without risk of injury and the cone is not damaged. Especially when training children who do not yet have mature coordination skills, these cones offer the necessary degree of safety. These soft marking cones are also popular for dribbling training in football, as they do not change position immediately after being stepped on. In addition, the cones are also very suitable for use in day care centres due to their soft texture.

Flexi Markierungskegel Set small

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consisting of soft PVC material and is ideal for training with children. Whether football, athletics or games, the colorful cones are versatile. Thanks to the flexible material, the traffic cones are indestructible.