Slackline Tapes

Slackline Basic

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Slack Line Basic 2-piece with a protective case, width: 50 mm, length: 15 m. Blue ribbon with 8-10% elongation and a stitched and reinforced loop for looping. Ratchet 50 mm wide, with locking pawl for locking and a large loop, 2 m long. The protective cover 50 cm long, to cover the ratchet provides an added level of security. All packed in a handy backpack bag.

Slackline Indoor School Set 80 x 80 mm

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Slackline Indoor kit designed specifically for use in conjunction with volleyball floor sleeves (82 x 82 mm). The made just for this purpose Slackline has a length of 11 meters which is the standard distance between the volleyball floor sleeves. The set consists of two steel posts with a profile of 80 x 80 mm.

Slackline chest pad

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Felt support for vaulting boxes to protect the leather surfaces when using Slacklines. The sewn-in logs distribute the pressure of slacklines large area on the pad surface and prevent their damage. Suitable for all Vaulting boxes cm with a pad width of 50th

Slackline frame 10M

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Detached slack line system with a usable slack line length of 10 m. The frame can be used anywhere where there is no access points are available, to be established. The frame is assembled and disassembled and thanks to its design, with a maximum length of item in a few minutes. 2 m, are transported in almost every station wagon.

Slackline Coconut

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Slackline Coconut 25 mm wide, design Coconut, Length: 15 m, with a loop at break: 16.4%, minimum breaking force 2250 daN, 1 ratchet ergo link, 2 Stainless Steel Shackle, 2 round slings flexitube black. For anchoring a line to trees or other protective cover for ratchet and a backpack bag, conveniently packed in a box.


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Slack Line, max space (L x B x H) 4.12 x 0.24 x 0.40 m, resilience. 150kg galvanized steel posts, elastic with fabric insert 800 kg (finished foundation)

Gibbon Slack Rack "Classic"

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The Gibbon Slack Rack "Classic" is ideal for promoting mastery of balance, as well as improving balance and concentration. The Slack Rack "Classic" offers a high level of security due to the low clamping height. The workouts are particularly effective because the body tries to counteract the dynamics of the slack band with compensatory movements. The Gibbon Slackrack "Classic" offers children, teenagers and adults great balancing fun! For indoor and outdoor.

SLACKERS NINJA Line, starter set, 7 pieces

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SLACKERS NINJA Line, starter set, 7 pieces, length 11 m, loadable up to 113 kg. 1 x slackline, 2 x nylon rope with monkey fist knot, 2 x monkey swing, 2 gymnastics rings, 8 steel triangle safety hooks,1x traverse ring, storage bag

Gibbon Slackline Classic Line X13

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The yellow Gibbon Slackline Classic X13 (15 meters) is a classic for all beginners and all-rounder to the popular Slacklines. The included ratcheting protection (Ratpad), this set also meets the DIN guidelines for slacklining.

Gibbon Slack Rack "Fitness Edition"

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The Gibbon Slack Rack "Fitness Edition" - an ingenious mix of balance and fitness training. The Gibbon Slack Rack "Fitness Edition" combines the balance training of the slackline with fitness elements. For indoor and outdoor.

Slackline Classic Line X13 XL

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The yellow Gibbon Slackline Classic X13 XL (25 meters) is a classic for all beginners and all-rounder to the popular slackline The included ratcheting protection (Ratpad), this set also meets the DIN guidelines for slacklining.


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The SLACK NUT Senso is a strung with slacklines rocker and is a full sensorimotor training device. It is especially suitable for therapeutic range, training of coordination, increased performance, promote balance and improve body awareness. The difficulty level can be increased by loosening the bands.

Slack board

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Slack board, the foldable slackline rack can be installed in almost any room. With a few simple steps, the Slack board is structured, folded and well stowed. Delivery incl. 35 mm wide slackline. The construction of beech wood ensures a load of 120 kg.

Slack Spot Basic

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This spot Slack Basic is the centerpiece of the Slack system for children. With two spots and a slackline it forms the system in its simplicity and is starting point for exciting Slack course. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Slack Spot Double

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Slack Spot Double the slack spot Basic in combination with another spot and a slackline. Three spots and two slacklines allow simultaneous balancing of two children and make the first Herausvorderungen to the team spirit. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Slack Spot Square

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When Slack Spot Square, consisting of four spots and 4 slacklines, an obstacle course in a circular shape is formed of a square. In this obstacle course balance and speed can prove up to four children. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.

Slackline Gibbon Jibline

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Length 15 m, ratchet strap 2 m, maximum load. 5 T. The 50 mm wide Jibline is the perfect slackline for advanced and those who want to become. Whether simple or difficult balancing maneuvers, the possibilities are endless. The Ultra Dynamic Flex is ideal for tricks and moves.

Textbook Slackline

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Slackline, Handbook for leisure, schools and clubs, Demian Geyer and Christoph Kößler. This manual provides extensive knowledge on the theory and practice of slacklining: Proper construction of the Lines, problems in securing and possible dangers when margins are, inter alia, explained in detail. 21 x 14.8 cm, 216 pages, 400 images.

Magnesia block

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BENZ Magnesia in the practical block form The Original - The Magnesia or also called Chalk for use in a variety of sports. The natural product magnesia / chalk was pressed in block form to reduce dust generation. Particularly good mobility and a secure grip with excellent absorption of moisture by the hands. Details: Shape: block shape / brick shape Size of the individual blocks: 90 x 90 x 45 mm Weight of a single block: 65g color: white material: magnesium carbonate Areas of application: Suitable for competitions, schools and clubs Use in apparatus gymnastics, weight training, climbing and athletics

Slackline Super Stream

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Width: 25 mm, length: 25 m. Super-dynamic line that bounces back all the energy for the bounce doing jumps. Ideal for fast, powerful moves and to try out new tricks. Elongation, break load 3 t 6-7%. Set consisting of: Line 25 m long, ratchet zusätz union spacers are safe lead past superlink 2, the line on the gears, 2 stainless shackles and 2 round loops for attaching a line to trees or other features. tested by the German Ski Federation (DSV) and found to be good.

Tree Bark Protection Protection Premium

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Width: 120 mm, 1 m long. The tape is used to protect the anchor point, for example, a tree bark used. It is provided with a belt loop, into which the fastening fixed point, e.g. the round sling is threaded. Then the whole thing is secured with the practical Velcro.

GIBBON ground anchor

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If a tree or other attachment points for the slackline are not available, this ground anchor can help in conjunction with trestles. Once the GIBBON ground screw is completely screwed in, it becomes a bombproof anchor point. Attach the slackline loop to the ground screw, stretch the slackline over an A-frame or similar frame, and you're ready to go!

BENZ slackline basic set

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The BENZ Slackline Basic Set is ideal for getting to know the trend sport. Details: Basic slackline as a flat band. Width 50 mm Length 15 m Ratchet tree and ratchet protection incl. practical backpack bag

BENZ Balancierband

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The BENZ Balancierband is equipped with 20 sewn loops, as well as a strap for fastening the wall and a loop for a wooden stick. The tape is designed for a large group that promotes team building and mutual trust.