Slackline Indoor School Set Post Ø 102 Mm
Slackline Indoor School Set Post Ø 102 Mm

Slackline Indoor School Set Post Ø 102 mm

Set consists of two steel posts with a diameter of 102 mm. Specially designed for use in conjunction with BENZ-sleeve stretch-ground sleeves. The ratchet is made larger on this model because of the length.
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The ratchet is fixed to the post, allowing a lightweight, comfortable design. The other pole is equipped with a stainless steel shackle for accommodating the slackline strap. The slack line height is 60 cm. The 50 mm wide slackline is built in minutes safely and ready to use and therefore ideal for use in schools. Delivered with post-bumper pads and instructions. Max. Slack Line length 17 mSlacklinebreite 50 mmSlacklinehöhe 60 cm
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