Slack Spot Basic
Slack Spot Basic
Slack Spot Basic Slack Spot Basic Slack Spot Basic Slack Spot Basic

Slack Spot Basic

This spot Slack Basic is the centerpiece of the Slack system for children. With two spots and a slackline it forms the system in its simplicity and is starting point for exciting Slack course. Slack Spot supports the motor development of children, leading to movement safety in everyday life and allows the balancing of the team.
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The Slack spot is shipped in parts and can be installed easily with the supplied tool. Incl. Manual. Dimensions 135.5 x 18 approximately 5.05 kg Resilient kg x 11 cm weighing up to 60th. TÜV Rheinland. Registered Design. This sports equipment is suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years. Slacklines have a challenging character and delight young and old. Slack spot by Ulbricht is an innovative balance system for the indoor area. Children from the age of three years already find as the entrance into the balancing on a slackline. The four variants of the Slack Spot system allow the balance of up to four children at once. The low Balancierhöhe of 10 cm provides a "safe" balance without assistance - a fall protection is not necessary. The adjustable strap tension and stopper feet at the bottom are just a few features that the product auszeich
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