Aluminum spear Supertraining

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Durable and very well-balanced aluminum javelin training by IAAF rules. Body made of multiple hardened aluminum alloy with steel tip and tight fixed cord. Excellent flight characteristics and excellent power transmission values.

Floor tiles

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The floor plates are used to easily secure handball goals (indoor) and indoor sports equipment. For installation or retrofitting of the plates, the type of floor and the floor structure must be specified when ordering.Details: Available in two sizes 4 pieces are required for a standard handball goal (BENZ Blackline 6 pieces) Chrome-plated surface Screws must be adapted to the subfloor by the customer Safety screws are not included in the scope of deliveryWhen ordering, please specify the type and structure of the floor.

Hammer throw-protection system Protection Star

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Discus and hammer throw safety net system, detached! Cost of soil foundations undHülsen etc. eliminated without replacement! Innovative system with gate-like porticoes of high-strength aluminum profile. set up in no time without the help of Steiger or ladders at each beliebigenStelle. Standard version: bright aluminum, galvanized steel parts. On request custom paint job.

Universal Hand Strap

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For optimal hand position on the handle, comfortable and practical. Made from lightweight, skin-friendly fabric. With Velcro fastener.

BungyPump Power

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Spring-training Stock BungyPump Power kg with 10 resistance. unique Nordic Walking Pole with built 20 cm long suspension with 10 kg of resistance. The shaft is made of aluminum with a hard metal tip and a rubber foot made of natural rubber. The length of 115-155 cm infinitely verrstellbar EVA handle with ergonomic hand strap.

Small appliances Transportation Compact

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Stable tubular steel construction with an extremely large-sized plastic rollers (wheel diameter 20 cm), carriage width 65 cm. Can be, even in rough terrain, very easy to move. Large loading capacity enables the transport of min. 23 shock balls or thrown hammers, discs 17, 6 starting blocks and accessories such as tape measures, etc. on the lower shelf plane.

Halls-shock system

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Repellent ring, Ø 2.13 m, height 20 mm, is screwed with plastic kick bar on two-piece wooden plate. Ideal plant for indoor training, easily transportable.

shedding ring

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For Newton and Hammer, made of galvanized steel, diameter 2.13 m, 7 cm high, n. Provision.

rain cover

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For ball and discus throwing circle. Stable, galvanized steel sheet construction with side slope for proper drainage. Optimum protection against the weather. Easy to use by the 4 handles.

Hammer throw insulation segments

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Multi-part, made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, for insertion in discus throw ring. Hereby the diameter is reduced from 2.50 to 2.13 m and corresponds to the provision.

Round display

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The BENZ round indicator with bell informs runners when the last round in competition or training has been reached.Details: Scoreboard with two number tablets from 0 - 9 Made of tubular steel, painted yellow With finish bell

Anemometer WindMaster MFS D1

(tax incl.)
DLV with approval, comprising: wind receiving unit with a mass flow sensor / works with 1024 measurements second. Process-driven control panel with LCD display for the measured wind values. High quality sports m stand with a stand circle of 1.36, which guarantees even in stormy winds crashworthiness.


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Stable steel construction, wood appearances, double-sided shutter with numbers 1-3, all the parts painted white.

Podium for teams

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Stable tubular steel construction, with enlarged, watertight glued plywood passages, each for 4 people. Double-sided panels with numbers 1-3, painted white.

Discus / hammer throw safety net

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According to the new rule DLV 192 with two additional hinged wings (2 m wide). For grating height of 7 m to 10 m increasing in the wing area. Network size of 7.5 m to 10.5 m uphill, 31 m long, green color.

weight bag

(tax incl.)
For Hammer and Discus defense network. White polyester fabric for Netzbeschwerung. Without filling.

Discus / hammer throw guard

(tax incl.)
Guard DLV / IAAF fixed guard in ground sockets according to the guidelines of the DLV and the IAAF. With 10 poles (height 7 / 10m), of oval aluminum profile 98 x 142 mm, up to 10 mm thickness in the voltage range, amplified in the lower region with an internal profile.

Discus / hammer throw guard

(tax incl.)
Fixed guard in ground sleeves, height 5.5 m. 8 post made of aluminum profile 80 x 80 x 3 mm). With pulleys and cord winder. Infinitely adjustable flaps. Delivered without grids, sandbags and assembly.

Discus safety net replacement

(tax incl.)
mm polypropylene 4, 5 cm mesh, green, m discus grille with column height 4, mesh size 4.5 m high and 21 m long. All around running 8 mm rope edge to edge enhancement. Only replacement demand for discus guard 4 m (old version).

Discus guard DLV / IAAF

(tax incl.)
Aluminum section 80 x 80 mm, natural aluminum, height 4 m continuously, in ground sockets 10, according to the guidelines of the IAAF and DLV. Only a network without swing-wings. No power and sandbags.

Discus safety net

(tax incl.)
Diskus protection network polypropylene 5 mm m for the amount of lattice. 4 Network Size: 4.5 m high and 27 m long, green. For guard DLV Rule 190.3. NOTE: For easy installation and removal, we recommend the pull-up device 7257!

Obstacle hurdles

(tax incl.)
4 barriers to 3000 m-obstacle course. Wooden beams with bolted steel tube feet. 3 pieces of 396 cm, 1 piece 500 cm long, 91 cm high.

Moat cover

(tax incl.)
Made of aluminium. Individual special sections side by side placed in the context provided by the customer. Items can be provided with plastic covering.

High Jump Stands

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For step heights up to 255 cm in telescope design. Minimum height 157 cm. Post made of heavy gauge anodized aluminum profile, heavy base with integrated screws for optimum adjustment.

Bar for school sports

(tax incl.)
Wood strip of varnished beech wood with glued steel tape and a stainless steel slider with a knurled nut for quick measurement of the height of the high jump slats, ribbons or match lines and nets. Measuring range of 45 cm to 253 cm.

High jump bar holder (pair)

(tax incl.)
Two pieces with guide yoke and 5 different print runs - respective distances 10 cm. By deflecting clamp the bar falls between the uprights and high jump mat and reduces the risk of injury.