Stoptec Stopwatch 485
Stoptec Stopwatch 485

Stoptec stopwatch 485

The Stoptec 485 mm a stopwatch with large three-line display, 38 x 26 mm, Character height from 5.4 to 7.3, a 60 Memory storage function, timer function, Pacerfunktion and time with date and alarm. Especially recommended for coaches and physical education teachers who work with larger groups.
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the last stopped lap time displays the current time in the middle row, the split time and the bottom line during a measurement in the first line of the display. The first 60 hours are saved and can be accessed even during the measurement. The fastest, the slowest and average lap time can also be displayed. The start / stop button is fitted with a key lock to prevent accidental incorrect measurements. Due to the good pressure point Stoptec mechanics error-free measurements are guaranteed. Includes 3V lithium battery CR2032. Dimensions 85 x 70 x 22 mm display size 38 x 26 mm size 5.4 / 7.3 mm Weight 70 g
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