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The pedalo®-soft pads, made of special foam, can be used alone or as a support in combination with pedalo® coordination products to enhance the training effect and protect the joints are used. Also suitable for pedalo® footboards.

pedalo® Trim Top 50 Vario

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The trim-Top is a high quality and versatile rocker and gyro board at the same time for a comprehensive fitness training in sitting, standing and Arm Support. The exhibition space offers a two-footed positioning in the safe hüftbreiten status and allows seniors easier upgrades. This Wippbrett is suitable for the prevention of falls well

pedalo®-Rola Bola Fun

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Fresh and dynamic with a tailllierten footprint presents itself styled pedalo®-Rola Bola Fun. Four rubber stopper, an anti-slip motif print and the gummed wooden roller offer the highest security features of a quality product. Thus making the playful balance exercises on the role twice as much fun.


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The optimum foot-strut axle coaches for teaching and training of the screw foot for a healthy foot. while the Fußlängsgewölbe is trained while an anatomically stabilized straight and beautiful leg axis over the Fersenaufrichtung and the big toe ball contact.

Pedalo® stabilizer "therapy"

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A full body exercise device for improving the sensory control of posture and movement. It offers a wide variety of exercises in standing and support. To train the balance, the stability and the prevention of falls. For patients with neurological deficits and after operations on the holding apparatus.

Water Lily Set

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Entertaining, imaginative play. The curvy bridge can be used for a hill or valley bridge construction. Kids love practicing running and crawling. Improves the coordination of the body and skill. simply plug together the individual parts.

Grass skis Set

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Grass skiing set (4Paar) promotes teamwork, indoors and out, felxible arrangement of the skis, from 4 years, adjustable straps for all foot sizes, connecting the running boards to the ski by clamps.


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The worm maze is a good balance exercise, whether standing or by hand. Training of the sense of balance. Plastic, 54 x 40 x 2.5 cm screw with balls 3, loadable: kg to 80 wt.


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Thanks to a spring mechanism, the crawling unfolds to its full length when loosening the straps. Hold it for easy storage in the blue nylon bag together (only 2cm thick!). By a 25cm wide mesh strip light falls into the tube. Quickly collapsed again. Bag with handle and zipper. Material: nylon.

Mega tunnel

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The large diameter also allows Creeper. The tunnel is 6-colored and can be connected to another, so that a complete, tortuous course can arise. Material 100% nylon, space-saving folded, weight 4 kg. Caution! Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Turn Turtle

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Ideal training tool for balance development in the psychomotor for children from pre-school age, adolescents and adults

AIREX® Balance-pad

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With its smooth surface, the Balance-pad offers an optimal introduction to balance training. It is used to strengthen the foot and hip joint muscles. A versatile aid in physiotherapy or fitness training. Details: Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 48 x 40 x 6 cm Destabilising properties for strengthening the joint muscles and balance Soft foam with a smooth surface Robust and durable


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The great ball Hüpfspiel with the disc, very durable. The Moonhopper promotes and trained sense of balance, stamina and bounce. In the bag, packed with instructions for use. Resilient 45 kg.

CM ® tape

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CM-band incl. Exercise guidance Unique exercise band, which can be varied in length and tensile strength. Patented clip-lock the tape to the body size and fitness level can be adjusted. Extremely tear-resistant, can also be used in the water. With exercise instructions.

Pedalo® rehab Bar S

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The bars pedalo S is adapted to the requirements of the therapy in its stable design and equipment. The spacers between the, white PVC-coated, wood wheels guarantee a wide, stable platform on 2 large birch multiplex running boards (100 x 14 cm).

Pedalo® Wawago

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Due to the novel arranged obliquely running boards results in a completely new type of movement, such as when walking. The toes are moving up and down. If you fold to a tread surface in the extension, so you can learn one step forward completely new movement.

Pedasan bear role

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Shoes support the entertainment apparatus of our feet, by ligaments and muscles are passive. Barefoot exercises on the Pedasan bears strong role the neglected transverse arch, give and receive healthy feet. The reflex zones of the sole of the foot are stimulated and massaged.

pedalo®-Rollbrett Set Color ""

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This pedalo was developed for therapeutic use. The rehabilitation pedal boat S, is equipped with 6 large wooden wheels, which are screwed firmly to the axle. The axes of the S-series provide increased safety reserves. The wheels are covered with white PVC, making it ideal for indoor use.

pedalo® Sulki

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Pushing, pulling, race, bluster - alone or in pairs - the Sulki finds its use in every imaginative play. Since it is used mostly by two children to great role plays develop bring all the children to move.

Pilates ball

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Pilates ball made of soft vinyl, elastic exercise ball for versatile use in balance and coordination exercises. Very handy and durable. Aids the Pilates method for soft body workout for all ages and all fitness levels!

Pedalo® telescopic supports (pair)

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Offer the practitioner a secure footing, are quickly and continuously adjustable in height (64-100 cm) and designed for mounting on the designated pedalo's. With height scaling. Weight 2.6 kg.

Pedalo® Sport S air

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The rotating foot plates, wooden, 6 x 14 cm increase the difficulty and train the balance, responsiveness and coordination skills in particular. Therefore, in recreational and competitive sports, the individual Pedalo® is hereby established as an important training tool.

LUFTMATZ clubs set of 2 with ball

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Die Keulen eignen sich zum Spielen oder auch als Therapiemaßnahme, zum Beispiel beim Anti-Aggressionstraining. In dem Baumwollkörper befindet sich ein äußerst stabiler Luftballon, der aufgeblasen aus der keulenförmigen Baumwollhülle einen festen, aber ungefährlichen Schläger entstehen lässt. Zwei Keulen können zusammen mit dem kleinen Luftmatz Ball zum Baseball Spiel, oder zum Soft-Tennis verwendet werden.Set Zusammensetzung: 2 LUFTMATZ Keulen 2 Ballons für die Keulen LUFTMATZ Ball, klein, Ø 16 cmBallon für den LUFTMATZ Ball Einsatzbereich: Grundschule Therapie Anti-AggressionstrainingFreizeit

Body Roll set of 2

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The air-filled, circulation-stimulating massage roller, for the whole body. The soft, gentle knobs are also ideal for reflexology. With the Body Roll a better blood flow to your body and muscles is encouraged.

Pedalo® Combi

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The pedalo for two. Identical to double pedalo, however cm with 60 long footboards. As accessories pedalo supports are attachable. From about 3 years, (L x B x H) 64 x 37.5 x 22 cm, Weight 8 kg, resilient kg to about 200th

Pedalo® Combi S air

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The pneumatic outdoor pedalo for 2 people for uneven surfaces also rolling over meadows, gravel and is therefore ideally suited for outdoor play equipment. From about 3 years. (L x B x H) 82 x 47 x 28 cm, weight 12 kg, resilient to about 250 kg

Redondo® ball Actisan

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Redondo ball, Ø 22 cm, anthracite Actisan, 150 g. It serves as an ideal partner Pilates, the pelvic floor and abdominal muscle training and for neck massage and deep relaxation. A relaxation, now everyone studio guest can indulge without hesitation. Plugs lock, can be easily and quickly inflate and deflate. With Aufblashilfe.