Pedalo® Surf
Pedalo® Surf
Pedalo® Surf Pedalo® Surf Pedalo® Surf

Pedalo® Surf

The fun sport device addictive for budding movement freaks. The pedalo Surf combines the properties of surfboard, skate and snowboard. The pedalo IG leadership of the state board in consultation with the Over Twist role is the basis for maximum freedom of movement. The state board runs on two in the role integrated skids and gives the practitioner the necessary control and guidance Safety. A soft end stop with rubber buffers and the anti-slip surface are additional quality features that make pedalo surfing so unique. The reaction, anticipation and sensitive handling of the balance required with a pedalo surfing at any time.
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L 7 mm x B 3 mm x H 15 mm, weight 6.2kg, roll, tilt and rotate in all directions Ultimate training and fun sport device, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, Application: Active & moving children, total body workout, team & single Sports
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