Pedalo® Spring Board "150"
Pedalo® Spring Board "150"
Pedalo® Spring Board "150" Pedalo® Spring Board "150" Pedalo® Spring Board "150" Pedalo® Spring Board "150"

Pedalo® spring board

The Pedalo® spring board is a perfect training station for sports and therapy to improve the entire posture and movement coordination.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Base: 150 x 40 / 180 x 60 cm
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Made of 21 mm birch plywood
  • 4 Senso springs permanently mounted
  • With variable Senso springs (1 or 2 springs depending on version)
  • Max. User weight 120 kg

Range of use:
  • Recreational sports
  • Health sport
  • Clubs
  • Fitness studios
  • Rehabilitation centres & therapy practices
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The Pedalo® spring board allows dynamic balance exercises for the whole body and is available in two sizes with a standing base of 150 x 40 cm or 180 x 60 cm. Through stabilisation exercises in standing, sitting, quadruped stand or lying down, gait training, balance and stability are trained. The spring board is also suitable for rehabilitation training after injuries to the ankle, knee and hip joints and for fall prevention. The unstable surface increases the amount of input information (stimulus reception) of the body. This trains the depth sensibility (proprioceptive training), the reaction and balance ability to a special degree and improves the interaction of nerve and musculature.

The Senso spring system flexes softly from a load of 15 kg and reactively adapts to the body weight and every movement. To increase the training effect, the middle springs (1 spring for a standing surface of 150 cm, 2 springs for a standing surface of 180 cm) can be moved variably between the boards.

Due to the extremely robust and at the same time functional construction, the Pedalo® spring board is suitable for the areas of play, sport and therapy. It is a great product for children to gain a variety of movement experiences and learn about the sensorimotor system of their own body in a playful way thanks to the three-dimensional springy standing surface.

Additional equipment such as the Pedalo® textile power bands (not included) intensify and complement the training with the spring board. In this way, functional and holistic stabilisation and coordination training can be carried out on an unstable surface.

Pedalo® power bands, soft pads or walking bars are not included in the scope of delivery.
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45 cm
18 cm
150 cm
22 kg
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