Pedalo® Stabilizer "therapy"
Pedalo® Stabilizer "therapy"
Pedalo® Stabilizer "therapy" Pedalo® Stabilizer "therapy" Pedalo® Stabilizer "therapy"

Pedalo® stabilizer "therapy"

A full body exercise device for improving the sensory control of posture and movement. It offers a wide variety of exercises in standing and support. To train the balance, the stability and the prevention of falls. For patients with neurological deficits and after operations on the holding apparatus.
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By equipping with side-mounted, waist-high brackets, the exerciser can can hold both sides. The range of motion is slower and softer. Quickly be dismantled, along ambitious metal housing. Standing platform birch plywood, 60 x 35 cm suspended on springs 4 with a three-dimensional effect. 2 Kettengliederaufhängseile 'short' for training without springs and 4 Kettengliederaufhängeseile 'long' to the slopes of the standing platform at different heights. 1 pair of motion limiters, continuously height adjustable. continuously height adjustable dimensions (L x W x H): 58 x 58 x 108 cm Usable up to 150kg. Incl. Non-slip mat and exercise instructions
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