Nordic Aqua Handles
Nordic Aqua Handles
Nordic Aqua Handles Nordic Aqua Handles

Nordic Aqua Handles

Two Nordic Walking handles that are securely connected to fluid dynamic plastic funnels ergonomic.
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consist of two ergonomic Nordic Walking handles, which are fixedly connected with fluid-dynamic plastic funnels. Nordic Aqua Handles allow typical movements such as Nordic walking and classic cross-country skiing and a similar stress on the upper body and arms as in the Nordic sports. By simply accessing the foremost position of the handles with the adjustable hand straps, the funnel show exactly in the correct starting position for the use of poles. The fluid dynamic plastic funnel generate in one direction higher, in the opposite direction only low water resistance. The ideal training tool for nordic walking in shallow water, Nordic Jogging in deep water or Nordic aqua fitness in the state. Versatile in spas, swimming pools, lakes and even the sea. Available in two funnel colors, orange and blue, packed in a high-quality network with locking clip.
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