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Catch and Knubbel ball 6 side knobs, thereby continuously changing directions during the impact. Uncontrollable changes in direction train the eye-hand coordination for a quick game for children and adults.

VOLLEY coated foam ball UNBALL

Piece from 26,91 €
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Ø 21 cm, 240 g, size 66 cm. Foam ball, emphasis added skin. Through the offset center of gravity, you never know when bouncing or rolling which direction the ball will take. So reaction, dexterity and eye-hand coordination are trained playfully. Color orange.

ball bag

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Very popular ball bag made of sturdy mesh, red. When carrying and storing of about 12 balls. Full zip with 2 NO.


(tax incl.)
Ball bag for 15 balls, with straps and side vent networks. Made of durable black material.

needle valve

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Needle valve reinforced construction, chrome plated brass, nozzle diameter 2 mm, length: 48 mm, M5 thread with rubber seal.

Medicine ball (core cowhide)

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Top product from 1A hand-stitched, stretched wet core cowhide. Inside is sicheine hair filling that gives the stability ball and shape. The original Benz medicine ball is an ideal training tool in therapy, school and mass sports.

Soft foam volleyball

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Foam without skin. Ideal training ball for tennis, basketball, volleyball and many other ball games. With slow-motion effect - soft rebound ball feel promotes. Silent game in the room and outdoors. No risk of injury.